Your WordPress Will Break Soon! (+2 Simple Steps to Avoid This Madness)

“They broke it again!”

A friend of mine who owns a successful printing business was complaining about some new “features” that were just released for his iPhone.

“I don’t know where my buttons are anymore!” he exclaimed.

“Will you techies please stop breaking stuff?  It worked just fine before!”


If you’ve ever experienced something like the conversation above, I’ve got some bad news for ya:

Your WordPress Might Be About to Break!

There’s this new WordPress “feature” that the techie youngsters behind WordPress built.

And they’ll force it upon your existing WordPress site, as soon as this month (Aug 2018)!

your wordpress will break

Gutenberg Warning You Might Have Seen in Your WordPress Site

This new WordPress “feature” the techies are pushing on us is called, “Gutenberg”, and it might automatically break your WordPress website.

This new feature will be added whether you like it or not.  (Though you can opt out through a series of confusing techie steps).

NOTE: If you are a techie or WordPress enthusiast who is comfortable troubleshooting WordPress issues, then you’ll love this feature update.  You’ll also have some work to do to fix broken things on your site and to learn about the new layout of WordPress.

If you are a small business owner, you’ll get a headache!

All of your buttons will move.

And maybe worse – you might find your WordPress site broken!

All the things you hate about technology will come to bear.

Again: If you take no action, you might experience this headache.

But thankfully, you can opt out of this madness.

How Small Business Owners Can Eliminate These Headaches

If you are a small business owner, then do this:

  1. Confirm with your web developer that you have monthly validated backups.  (Not sure? Send me a quick email.)
  2. Have your web developer install & configure the Classic Editor WordPress plugin.
  3. Work with your web developer to train you in on the new Gutenberg plugin experience on your schedule rather than the WordPress dev team’s schedule.
  4. Sign up for this FREE “Beginner WordPress Classes by Email” course.  It’ll include Gutenberg how-to’s once this new feature is released into WordPress.)

That’s it!  Congratulations!  You’ve just avoided scores of headaches and thousands of lost dollars!


If you are a Website Amazing member, then my team and I will be by your side during this Gutenberg transition – Zero headaches for you!

Just reply to this email with questions or schedule a quick call with me to make sure you are covered.


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