WordPress Security Services: Ensuring the Protection of Your WordPress Website

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Your WordPress website is more than just an online presence. It's a vital asset that demands robust protection. The Mighty Mo! Design Co.'s WordPress Security Services are meticulously designed to safeguard your site against cyber threats, ensuring uninterrupted performance and peace of mind. By choosing our services, you're not just securing your website but investing in a resilient digital future.

We focus on tight security measures, including regular updates, malware scanning, and advanced firewalls, to keep your site safe and running smoothly. This proactive approach protects your website and enhances its performance, contributing to better user experiences and higher search engine rankings. Our goal is to empower you with the confidence to focus on growing your business, knowing that your online asset is secure and well-protected.

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Our Comprehensive Approach to WordPress Security

As Expert WordPress Consultants, we take a comprehensive approach to safeguard your WordPress site. Our methods include robust password policies, two-factor authentication, advanced security measures, and firewalls. We focus not only on preventing unauthorized access but also on preserving the integrity and performance of your site. Our strategy is designed to provide continuous, real-time protection against the spectrum of security threats, including brute force attacks, hacking attempts, and malware. This ensures your WordPress website remains secure, efficient, and trustworthy.

Set up multiple Firewalls

Implementing a firewall is an excellent strategy to protect against hackers and spammers. It offers robust blocking capabilities to prevent suspicious traffic, malicious code, common threats, and potential attacks on WordPress core files from accessing your website files.

We utilize multiple layers of firewalls to protect your investment. For example, we have a firewall at the DNS level that blocks malicious and suspicious traffic before it hits your site. We have a firewall at the WordPress level to block suspicious behavior after they've made it to your website. We also utilize a WordPress Web Application Firewall that actively plugs known security vulnerabilities, so even if a bad actor makes it past our first two layers of security, the odds of them being able to do any damage is mitigated.

Secure Hosting

Many WordPress security breaches originate at the hosting level, even before the hacker loads WordPress. That's why our security reviews include an analysis of your web host. Our focus is on ensuring that your hosting platform is fast and secure. In addition to evaluating the hosting infrastructure, we specialize in configuring and fixing SSL Certificates, an essential component for encrypting and securing your website's data. This comprehensive approach to hosting review and SSL Certificate management forms a solid foundation for your WordPress site's overall site security.

DNS Security for WordPress Sites

Email spoofing and other scams can be stopped cold at the DNS level. For this reason, we encourage DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records, as well as DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions), to authenticate DNS records and safeguard against spoofing scams.

We know that DNS is confusing, so we take the guesswork out of it for you, thoughtfully selecting from secure DNS providers and doing all the setup work to keep your site and email online and secure.

WordPress Plugin, Theme, & Core Security Hardening & Scanning

After securing the hosting level and DNS, we move on to the WordPress level. This includes a review of WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, and core for existing and potential vulnerabilities. We'll recommend a mix of WordPress security plugins and services that fit your specific needs and budget.

Things are always changing. Sometimes, the plugins that were safe yesterday and insecure today. This is where our proactive monitoring and expertise come in. For instance, when we find an unsupported WordPress plugin, we'll research and collaborate with you to find a suitable alternative. We regularly scan websites for security issues and breaches, ensuring you are calm in this rough-and-tumble world of website security.

Security Measures to Prevent Brute Force Attacks on Your WordPress Site

Safeguarding your WordPress site against brute force attacks is critical. Using WordPress security plugins to limit login attempts, monitoring for suspicious activity, and including a Web Application Firewall (WAF) can make a big difference in the security of your website. Changing the default admin username, regularly updating WordPress and its plugins, and adding hack protections to your login add additional layers of security. Finally, choosing a secure hosting provider and consistently backing up your site as a precautionary measure will keep things as secure as possible.

Implementing Strong passwords & 2-factor Authentication (2FA)

Our strong password implementation service combines advanced password generation with secure management solutions and enables two-factor authentication to WP admin. We begin with an assessment of your existing password policies, followed by the introduction of sophisticated but simple-to-use tools for creating complex passwords.

Spam Filtering of Comments to add to your content security

This involves identifying and removing unwanted or irrelevant comments, typically posted by automated bots, which can clutter your site, deter genuine user engagement, and potentially harm your site’s SEO.

Tracking IP Addresses

This WordPress security service is where we will utilize intelligent IP tracking to block access from specific regions. In case of multiple access attempts to your WordPress dashboard or files, the originating IP address will be promptly locked out to provide better WordPress Security to the website.

Manage Inactive Plugins

Outdated plugins, even when inactive, can serve as potential vulnerabilities to your WP website. We conduct regular reviews of the plugins on your site, removing any that are not in active use to protect and add security. This practice ensures your WordPress website's environment remains secure and efficient.

Want to have your Website malware-proof? We can Help you!

Our 360 Website Security Hardening Proven Process includes:

Malware and Security Scans of File System and Database

  • User Permissions Review, Testing, and Fixes
  • WordPress Plugin and Theme Security Review
  • Patch WordPress Core, Theme, and Plugin software**
  • Installation and Configuration of WordPress Application Firewall
  • Blacklist check + resolution
  • Country blocking for known terrorist states*
  • Country traffic throttling for non-US website traffic*
  • DNS Security Hardening*
  • Platinum WP Hosting*
  • Nightly restorable off-site cloud backups of files and database*
  • Nightly security scan of your website's file system*
  • Hack guarantee: If your site gets hacked while you are subscribed to our 360 Website Security Hardening Proven Process, we'll fix it free of charge and quickly!*
  • Ongoing security advice and consulting*
  • Hosting Migration*
  • Monthly Security Patching & Maintenance*


* A subscription is required for this specific security service.
** We'll patch the software so long as the developer of the software releases a patch.

WordPress Security Service Eligibility and Long-Term Tech Partnership

Our clients range from family-owned businesses, boutique financial firms, and regional consulting firms to local law firms and non-profits. We also maintain a handful of locally-owned but nationally-recognized e-commerce companies' websites. Most of our clients don't have a full-time tech team in-house, so we provide personalized service, including direct access to our support team members via phone and email.

For more information on how our WordPress security services can benefit your website, check out this comprehensive guide on the best practices for securing your WordPress site.

If you're looking for a long-term tech partner to handle your WordPress security services, don't hesitate to contact us and let us safeguard your website. With over 15 years of experience, our expert team will ensure your website remains protected and secure.

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Clients who love Our Security Service

Website Hacked!
Toby has been a consummate professional in helping my website stay safe and usable on the web. As many others have said, he is knowledgeable, patient, and, -Most Importantly!- Friendly and Honest. Support The Mighty Mo! -Tyler Sassaman

I hired The Might Mo!, Toby and John, to design a website for my client Wellington Security Systems. From the beginning what impressed with this team was their focus on the marketing objectives for the site and our audience. They asked the right questions from the start: Did we want leads, new business, the sharing of information, etc. Unlike most web developers who jump right into design, colors and fonts, Toby and John spent a great deal of time learning Wellington's business model and and sales process before they put pen to paper. Once they understood the company's go-to market strategy they designed the site to convert prospects into customers. In the first few months following launch we attributed $40K of sales to the site.

Their design was cutting edge: a responsive site with parallax scrolling that set Wellington off from its pack of competitors. - Gary Teagarden

Toby was a fantastic trainer with lots of insight and experience. We will be looking for opportunities to bring him in again. - Betsy Bonnema

Common Security Questions Related to WordPress Sites

Yes. We provide comprehensive scanning and mitigation of malware and malicious code. Our hack cleanup service comes with a 30-day guarantee.

In a module, you will find an option to enable schema support. Once you enable this option, FAQ schema will be automatically added to your page. In case you are using an external plugin to add schema you can keep it disabled.

Yes. When needed, we procure and manage SSL certificates for our customers, ensuring secure transactions and data transfer.

Yes. We've removed malware and protected hundreds of websites from re-attacks over the years using our cutting-edge proven processes.

Our nightly security scans discover potential malware in near real-time and compare WP plugin code on your site against our database of WP plugin files to ensure the integrity of the files on your server.

We offer nightly, off-server cloud backups in a secure location. These backups are ready to be restored in case of emergency, offering you peace of mind that you just cannot get from your server backups.