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When your WordPress site is infected with malware, it's a code-red emergency. At The Mighty Mo! Design Co. offers a reliable WordPress malware removal that you can trust.

Whether your WordPress website has been infected or you want to prevent potential breaches, our 15 years of experience in WordPress security services can provide the protection you need. We are ready to help you when the going gets rough. We understand that websites can be vulnerable to infections and hacks. That's why we teach and encourage preventive measures crucial for your site's health and safety.

We aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers by training your existing team or acting as your dedicated WordPress security team.

WordPress Malware Removal by Security Experts

Protect your website with The Mighty Mo! Design Co. WordPress malware removal service, safeguarding against ever-evolving threats like phishing, bait and switch, infected files, and cookie theft. WordPress sites are particularly vulnerable to harmful plugins and apps, but our service offers robust defense against malware and ransomware. Many new malware infections and instances emerging daily, our software continuously monitors and scans all incoming files, ensuring your business' website security. Don't gamble with your website's safety.

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WordPress Security Audits

We thoroughly analyze your site to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend best practices for enhancing security.

Regular Site Maintenance

We ensure your website runs smoothly by regularly updating WordPress plugins, themes, and core files, and by monitoring site performance.

WordPress Backups and Recovery

We offer backup and recovery solutions to safeguard your WordPress site data and quickly restore it in case of any loss.

Customized WordPress Training for individuals, groups, and teams.

We offer customized training to help you master WordPress. From basic navigation to advanced functionalities, our training covers all aspects to enhance your WordPress skills.

Significantly reduce the chances of harmful cyber intrusions.

Employing the latest security measures and best practices to significantly lower the chances of any harmful breaches, ensuring your digital space remains safe and secure.

Experience the assurance of 24/7 vigilance against imminent threats from our US-based company.

With our US-based operations, we provide round-the-clock vigilance against any imminent cyber threats. Our dedicated team continuously monitors your digital assets, ensuring prompt action and protection at all times.

Stay ahead of the curve with ongoing protection tailored to combat evolving security challenges.

We constantly update and tailor our protection strategies to combat the latest security challenges, ensuring your digital presence is safeguarded against all current and emerging threats.

Enjoy peace of mind with advanced scanning technology that detects and neutralizes threats before they impact your WordPress site.

This proactive approach ensures that your site remains secure and operational, without the fear of unexpected disruptions.

Get expert support and guidance in securing your digital presence, reinforcing your site's resilience against cyber threats.

Tap into our expertise for support and guidance in securing your digital presence. We provide comprehensive advice and solutions to reinforce your site's resilience against cyber threats, ensuring your online operations are robust and secure.

Act now for the security and peace of mind your business deserves. Explore our WordPress malware removal service and hacked website prevention today!

SEO Security Solutions

At The Mighty Mo, we understand the critical importance of securing your website's SEO. Compromised websites often use malicious redirects to steal. Ultimately, it ruins your site's ranking on Google.  But even worse, malware can also cause your website to be blacklisted by Google. Making it invisible in search results. Our SEO Security service is designed to prevent such disasters

Key Features of Our SEO Security Service:

Comprehensive SEO Security Analysis

We begin with a thorough analysis of your website's SEO security, providing you with a detailed report within 3 business days.

Collaborative Security Enhancement

We work closely with you to fortify your website's SEO against potential threats.

Proactive and Continuous Support

Our service includes SEO code optimization, quick turnarounds, and a 100% hack guarantee. If your site is compromised, we'll fix it free of charge.

Optimization for Speed and Security

We ensure your website's speed and security are optimized, which is crucial for maintaining your Google rankings.

Regular Updates and Backups

Enjoy peace of mind with our nightly restorable backups, monthly security & performance reports, and regular updates of WordPress software and plugins.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with our SEO Security Analysis, we offer a full refund, no questions asked.

Secure your website's SEO and stop losing customers due to poor security. Our experienced team is dedicated to protecting your digital presence, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Get Expert SEO Security

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How Does Malware Infection Impact Your WordPress Website?

Malware is stealthily designed to enter your system unnoticed and pilfer critical data. It comes in various forms, yet all share a common aim: to steal sensitive information from businesses or steal your SEO value. Companies of all sizes and sectors, from small enterprises to large corporations, are vulnerable to malware attacks.

Issues such as compromised or hacked websites, corrupted and infected files, security breaches, malicious code, malicious software and restricted access to important data are typical consequences of these attacks. Our team of security professionals, equipped with advanced malware scanners, malware deflection tools, and comprehensive cleanup services ensures robust protection for your website against cyberattacks that occur daily.

Additionally, malware can lead to severe repercussions like loss of customer trust, legal liabilities, and financial losses. It can also severely hamper your website's performance, leading to slower load times, disrupted user experience, and downtime. This impact extends beyond immediate damage, as it can tarnish your company's reputation long-term and ruin your hard-won SEO ranking.

Our proactive approach not only defends against existing threats but also prepares your system to combat future vulnerabilities, offering an all-encompassing security solution for your online presence.

Our Guarantee to You

By choosing our WordPress malware removal service, you'll enjoy these guarantees:

  1. 1. Personalized attention from a real human expert who has your best interests at heart. You can even converse with our team via phone and email - We are based in Minneapolis, MN USA.

  2. 2. If your site gets infected or hacked again within 30 days of our initial website malware cleanup, we'll

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Our Proven Process

Initial conversations and public-facing scans are completely FREE.

If you think your website might be hacked, send us a quick email using our 911 Website Emergency form. Once we receive your email from our "911" form, one of our senior WP developers will use cutting-edge tech to scan your site for malware, viruses, and the like. They'll let you know what they find, and share what it'll cost to fix.

If the price fits your budget, we'll send an invoice, collect payment, and start cleaning your website! Most malware removal are completed within an hour or two of payment.

Thorough Website Analysis

Conducting an in-depth examination of your WordPress site to detect any security breaches or malware presence.

Malware Elimination

Removing all traces of malware and thoroughly cleansing your WordPress site to restore its integrity and functionality.

Comprehensive Site Security Enhancement

Implementing robust security measures across your entire website to prevent future attacks and ensure ongoing protection.

Blacklist Resolution

Assisting in the removal of your site from blacklists, typically caused by malware infections, to restore your website's reputation and search engine ranking.

Dedicated Expert Assistance

Providing access to knowledgeable and experienced support professionals who can guide you through the process and offer tailored solutions for your WordPress site's security needs

Click for Expert WordPress Malware Removal and Ensure Your Site's Protection Today!

What Our Clients Have to Say About Having Their WordPress Malware Fixed

I had problems with a hacked website so I called Toby from Mighty Mo. Within hours of contacting him, he had my website cleaned and operating normally again. If you have problems, I recommend you give him a call. -Mark Longe

Toby and Rene were the absolute Best to work with! They were quick and efficient cleaning up our website that had been hacked! Super easy to work with! I would definitely recommend The Mighty Mo! - JoLynne Lehmann

I highly recommend hiring Toby's MightyMo! services. Toby is a delight, provides smart solutions, and keeps finding ways to help us improve. - Pierre Tardif

Toby has been a consummate professional in helping my website stay safe and usable on the web. As many others have said, he is knowledgeable, patient, and, -Most Importantly!- Friendly and Honest. Support The Mighty Mo! - Tyler Sassaman

FAQs About Malware WordPress Site Cleanup

In most cases, our WordPress malware removal service will have your site cleaned up within an hour or two of payment. We'll keep you updated throughout the process, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

If your site is hacked, give us a call at (612) 293-8629. Or better yet, use our 911 Website Emergency form to let us know.

Costs vary a bit based on the specifics of your website, however, most hacked WP sites and WordPress malware removal service are fully-fixed for under $1,000. Sometimes bigger sites or sites with more problems cost a bit more.

The Mighty Mo! is one of the oldest and most-reputable WP companies around that can provide your WordPress website complete security solution. In fact, we've been fixing broken WP sites since 2004! (that's only 1 year after WP was invented!)

Oftentimes you'll discover your website is hacked when either Google removes your site completely from its search index or your links in Google search results lead to malicious websites. Either way, we know it's embarrassing and not your fault - our goal is to help you fix the situation as soon as possible.