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Secure Your WordPress Site Against Downtime! Discover Our Reliable Hosting Solutions and Enjoy Peace of Mind.

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Experience lightning-fast speed WordPress Hosting service. Our hosting solutions offer ultimate speed, security, and optimization with a robust infrastructure, global CDN, and edge caching. Our enterprise-level features in every WordPress site plan provide everything you need in a web hosting provider.

For a limited time, we are also offering a complimentary, all-inclusive white glove site migration to ensure a smooth transition to our services (a $750 value!).

Our Tech Stack

Infographic wheel with four sectors: Security, Scalability, Support, Speed.

Security. Scalability. Support. Speed.

We know your business needs your WordPress website to be fast (Google says so!).  We know you've got support needs. We know many bad folks are out there trying to hack your website. We've got you covered!

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WordPress Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Stay ahead of potential security breaches, and let our WordPress Web Application Firewall safeguard your site's integrity.

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Exceptionally Fast. Robust Scalability.

Never configure a caching plugin again. Our WordPress web hosting architecture is hand-tuned to deliver you the fastest WordPress hosting around. And if you have scalability concerns caused by too much traffic or site activity, we can help you there, too!

Tools and gears icon symbolizing tech maintenance

Power Tools for Power Users

We love WordPress developers and have various tools and services to help you build the best custom WordPress sites.

Icons for data backup, cloud security, and protection.

Backed Up. Secured. Proactively.

No more wrestling with (or paying extra for) backups! We back up your site once every 24 hours to a secure cloud location and can restore/revert to last night's backup any time you'd like - so you can sleep easily at night.

Clipboard with a padlock symbolizing SSL certificate.

Free SSL Certificate Installation + Management

Let us handle the complexities of SSL certification, from initial installation to ongoing management, so you can confidently focus on growing your business.

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Advanced Cache Technology

Google says they lose 20% of their traffic for each additional 100 milliseconds it takes a page to load. Speed matters. Google also incorporates your page load time into your site's search rankings. Faster sites win, literally. The Mighty Mo! is a hosting company, which offers a custom-built caching solution specific to WordPress that delivers WordPress fast enough for Google and at scale.

WordPress logo surrounded by design and tech icons.

Curated Plugins & Themes

Are you baffled by the thousands of plugins available? Not sure which WordPress theme is the best for you? We'll suggest the best based on our own experiences. We love working with the WordPress community and third-party plugin developers to make sure you don't waste time trying to find the best WordPress plugin.

Browser with WordPress logo on an open box.

Assistance Moving Your Site

Experience a seamless transition to our WordPress hosting that is designed to be effortless and trouble-free. This add-on service allows you to breathe easily while we do all the hard work. Just sit back, and we'll let you know when we are done!

Magnifying glass on a monitor with check marks.

WordPress Hacked? We'll fix it for free!

We automatically scan for and fix many hacking attempts to secure your site. We'll do everything possible to ensure your WordPress website won't get hacked. Our guarantee: If your WordPress site gets hacked while we are hosting it, we will fix it at no additional charge. (NOTE: Additional charges might apply to secure your site against future attacks.)

Don't Let Slow Load Times Hold You Back! Accelerate Your WordPress Site with Our Speed-Optimized Hosting.

Tech Specifics

The Mighty Mo! Design Co. provides WordPress hosting plans and advanced hosting solutions that leverage the latest technology and infrastructure, ensuring unmatched performance, security features, and reliability for your digital presence. From small business WordPress users to growing enterprises, understanding the tech behind your site is crucial. Here, we break down the sophisticated systems and strategies that power our services, offering a glimpse into the meticulous care and expertise that safeguard and accelerate your online success.

  • 10,000 visits per month
  • 5GB storage
  • 3GB bandwidth/month
  • Daily backups
  • Restore from backups
  • Managed WordPress Hosting software core upgrades
  • No caching plugins needed
  • Super fast
  • Server-stack security
  • International data centers (USA, UK, Japan)
  • Top-Shelf Hardware
  • Firewall
  • Malware scanning
  • Staging site
  • Surprising customer support
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Telephone support with WordPress experts
  • Uptime guarantee

How much is the WordPress Hosting Plan?

Our up-to-date prices are listed here at PLATINUM WORDPRESS HOSTING AGREEMENT.  From time-to-time, we can offer discounts - get in touch to converse about your options.

Streamlined Solutions for your Website's WordPress

Hosting Headache Free

We aim to make things easier, educate you on your options, and provide you with tools to make better decisions. Sometimes, this requires more humanity and less tech. You'll never be a number in our system.

The Best Tech

We are tech geeks and strive to deliver WordPress site speed, security, and stability - our hosting technology reflects our passion for hosting and WordPress.


Our team practices inclusion of all genders, identities, races, spiritual beliefs, experiences, and skill levels. Read more about Why We Work.

Optional WordPress Security Updates, Plugin Updates, Theme Updates and Maintenance

Eliminate the hassle of manual updates and maintenance tasks. We optionally offer WordPress security and maintenance plans that update all the critical software, guaranteeing that your website is always up-to-date, secure, and optimized without any effort on your part. Say goodbye to the unnecessary workload and focus on what matters most - your website's success.

Proactive Security Measures

Protect your website from security threats with our proactive security measures. Our advanced security protocols, including malware scanning, firewall protection, and real-time threat detection, safeguard your website against potential risks, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your online security.

Expert Technical Support

Our dedicated team offers specialized technical support for WordPress hosting, ensuring your site's optimal performance. From troubleshooting to customization, our experts are here to assist you swiftly and effectively, empowering you to manage your WordPress site with confidence.

Scalable Solutions

Optionally upgrade your WordPress hosting resources without disruptions as your website grows with our flexible and scalable web hosting service.

Transparent Pricing and Billing

Transparent pricing and billing with no hidden fees. Clear statements, no surprises.

Guaranteed Reliability and Uptime

We offer reliable hosting with guaranteed uptime with optional SLA. Our infrastructure ensures maximum reliability and minimum downtime for your website.

Clients who love Our Service

We work with Toby and The Mighty Mo to host my wife's real estate web site. Toby is always responds very timely to any needs to we have. Recently, Toby was very helpful and patient working thru the process to authenticate the domain of our web site to allow us to do marketing again. We really appreciate his help! - Arthur Carson

The Mighty Mo! has been a life (website) saver for CAP Agency of Scott Carver Dakota Counties. There are more than a web host, and a quick to respond to my questions to help out when I made errors or needed guidance on updating features. Toby is easy to work with and helps the Agency navigate our website needs on a non-profit budget. - Rachel Bean

Toby is so easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I had a project I wanted to be completed as quickly and inexpensively as possible and he did just that. The new part of the website is very creative and I couldn't ask for it to be better. In fact I would say it is pretty spiffy! Toby is going to work on other projects for me soon. I highly recommend!! He also sat with my son who is going to study computer science one day and gave him great advice in the field. Thank you Toby. I appreciate you. - Kim Fishman

I found Toby to be super thoughtful and helpful! It is always a great bonus to work with someone who takes the time to understand your project and the needs of your business. He even offered useful insight as to how to structure my project to dos in a way that fits the tech resources available up front on our first call! - Bill Worthen

Huge thank you to Toby for helping me build a site for my small business! Toby worked with my schedule and helped me learn along the way so that I can do things on my own to manage my website. Toby is truly a wonderful person to know and work with. He is caring and upbeat and super knowledgeable. I highly recommend The Mighty Mo to anyone looking to build web presence. - Yevgeniya Gazman

I needed to create a new website for work and knew I had better not rely on my amateur skills. I am so glad I turned to Toby for help. I was amazed at how quickly he helped me find the right layout and style, and how quickly he created great pages and other elements for me, and showed me how to make the further customizations I would need. A little of his time save me weeks of messing around. Fast, friendly, professional, highly competent, with a great sense of design and an appreciation of what a customer needs. Vastly exceeded my expectations! - Jeff Lindsay

Hosting FAQs

All of our hosting plans include an SSL Certificate, SSL Certificate installation, and SSL Certificate management/support.  This means "insecure content" issues are our problem to resolve, not yours.  By comparison, at many of the popular providers, you'll pay $150 or more per year for this service - all included with The Mighty Mo!.

We utilize only supported & secure versions of PHP and MySQL.  Many of the big one-size-fits-all hosts are comfortable letting you use old, insecure software on the server that's just waiting to get hacked. Not us!

You'll get priority phone and email support for hosting-related security questions and issues. 
FYI: WordPress security is a different beast from hosting security (but we've got you covered on the WP end as well with optional add-ons for WordPress and SEO security - just let us know if you have questions).

We make nightly, restorable backups of your website to the cloud, which means that if you accidentally break something on your website (happens to the best of us - no judgement!), we can easily restore your website to how it looked yesterday or 3 weeks ago.

We can optionally manage your DNS for added security and peace of mind.  By fully-managing your DNS, we are able to make your site much more secure by blocking traffic from malware-pushing governments (Iran, Russia, etc) and creating rulesets to challenge suspicious website behavior.  By comparison, few of the big hosting providers offer this service.

  • When hosting goes wrong, it goes WAY wrong - just ask the thousands of people whose websites disappear every year for a variety of reasons.  That'll never happen with us.  See our security practices above, for example.

  • When you host with most of the 1-size-fits-all hosting companies, your website will usually be slow.  For example, your "Time To First Byte" (TTFB) speeds in Google Pagespeed will be in the 5-15 second range (by comparison, we aim for TTFB speeds of a fraction of a second on our hosting stack).  We are obsessed with fast websites, and all the tech in our stack as well as our pricing is built to give your website a speed boost.

  • Most hosting companies aren't very helpful when it comes to troubleshooting website issues.  With other companies, you'll often be stuck either in a chat window or on the phone with a junior-level staffer who isn't actually very good at supporting WordPress or websites, in general.  Many times, they'll upsell you useless products as part of their troubleshooting. With us, you'll always speak with a WordPress expert who has your best interests in mind, so you'll get quick support from someone who is empowered to fix your website.
    NOTE: If the support needed falls outside of our hosting-level support agreement, we'll have a conversation about potential additional costs before starting work.

  • Our hosting service is built to reduce your headaches (whereas most other hosting services seem to be built to reduce their headaches), and we do a lot behind the scenes to keep things secure and stable to save you from headaches.

  • We are on a first-name basis with our customers and speak with most of them regularly on the phone and email.

  • We also only host WordPress websites, so you get none of the confusing "server permissions" and other issues that you might experience with the 1-size-fits-all hosting companies.

  • We have 15+ years building and supporting WordPress websites - We were there at the beginning, and have contributed to the WordPress.org plugin repository, co-founded the Minneapolis St. Paul WordPress user group, have contributed to WPTavern.com, and are deeply-engaged in building community around WordPress.

  • Our migration process is simple - send us all the login info we need, and we'll do the rest!

  • In most cases, we are able to migrate websites in a business day or two.  Expect a "content freeze" while we do our work.

A lot of expertise is required to do WordPress hosting right.  We are focused on providing fast, secure, & stable websites.  We recommend email hosting services like Hey, Google, Microsoft, & Zoho.  Also, we can provide email management/IT services for Google Business/Gmail.

All of our conversations start as a free email or phone conversation.  Oftentimes we are able to resolve WordPress issues with a simple conversation.  If the issue is related to the hosting technology and you are a hosting customer, we'll take care of it free of charge.  If the issue is related to WordPress themes, plugins, or training, we'll help you develop options for next steps - in these cases we are often able to help resolve more complex WordPress issues for a reasonable fee, and we never oversell.

In the off-chance that your website goes down, fill out our quick 911 Website Emergency form - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Yup!  You are welcome to schedule a call at your convenience any time.  For most day-to-day questions, email will get faster response times.

Our hosting stack is constantly-evolving, and always distributed globally in the cloud.  We don't commit to a certain brand, but we use cloud servers managed by Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean, and Microsoft - all providing you with extra security and stability.

You have lots of choices with WordPress hosting, ranging in price from a few bucks per month up to thousands of dollars per month.  Price does not always reflect quality.  In fact, from year-to-year, these hosting companies' product quality fluctuates (usually in downward trajectory, unfortunately), so the hosting recomendation you received a few months ago might not be relevant anymore.

To make matters even more confusing, hosting feature sets usually are not correlated to quality.  Over the years, we've hosted sites on many different web hosts.  We've also utilized 1-off services from Digital Ocean, Amazon, and Google Cloud, where the specific need called for it. So we've experienced lots of hosting companies, and we aimed to do better with our service.

With us, you pay a flat monthly fee for senior-experience support, hosting, and guidance - That's something none of the popular managed WordPress companies provide.

Plus, if you need additional support with your WordPress website (content, bugs, speed, security, maintenance, training), we can help there as well for an added fee.

No - Our contract explicitly states that you own all your stuff (images, text, files, etc).  We actively-encourage and support you owning your domain and and will advise you if you have questions.