WordPress Header Anchor Link on Hover Automatically

Today I needed to add an anchor link dynamically to every header tag (h1, h2, h3, etc.) in this WordPress site.

I do this, because I like to link directly to header tags in my blogs from time-to-time.

The code was mostly copy-and-pasted from here.  I edited that code to include a FontAwesome link icon with help from here.

And then I wrapped it all up in a tidy plugin for y’all!

Hover here for an example of a H3 with the automatic hover link (on the left!).


  • Enqueues & loads FontAwesome 4.7.
  • Just turn it on – No settings!
  • Works with Github Updater out of the box!

Download the brand new Auto Header Anchor Links plugin!

Let me know if you have ideas for improvement.

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