WooCommerce to Quickbooks Online

Recently I had to connect a WooCommerce store to Quickbooks Online.

The solution was straightforward – use Zapier.  Here is a high-level overview:

  1. Create a WooCommerce trigger every time an order is placed.
  2. Use the Quickbooks Online action to search for the user and create a Quickbooks Online user if it doesn’t already exist.
  3. Create a Formatter action to get the order total minus taxes. (We do this because WooCommerce & Zapier are idiots when it comes to taxes.)
  4. Create a Formatter action to get the total taxes. (See note in #3.)
  5. Create a Quickbooks Online action to create the sales receipt.

That’s it!  See screengrabs & notes below.


  • This Quickbooks Online verbiage took me a while to understand… In Quickbooks Online, “Sales Receipts” are for automatic orders that are processed by your WooCommerce website.   “Invoices” refers to when you create the invoice manually in Quickbooks Online and click the “Send to Customer” button in Quickbooks Online.
  • As you see above, taxes doesn’t quick work properly.  My solution above is definitely a hack.  Please let me know if you figure this tax puzzle out!


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