WooCommerce Product Image Gallery Not Loading with WP Rocket Active

Today I updated a WooCommerce site, and everything worked fine, except for the images on product pages – they were not displaying at all. After a lot of trial & error, I realized that WP Rocket was to blame. I’m not sure exactly what the issue was (though my hunch is that it had to do with WP Rocket’s “CSS Optimization” settings), but I put WP Rocket in Safe Mode, and that fixed the issue. From there, I had to reactivate & reconfigure all the WP Rocket settings (the exact same settings as before, mind you!). Once that was done, everything worked fine!

It should be noted that one thing I forgot up front was that I can bypass WP Rocket altogether by using a simple url parameter, as described in their documentation. e.g. “www.example.com/?nowprocket” or “www.example.com/about-us/?nowprocket”. In hindsight it would have been quicker to start troubleshooting by using the url parameter, then work backwards from there (next time!).

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