Why Choose Us?

  • We work from a mindset of abundance.
    Our success is not contingent upon someone else’s failure. We believe that success is NOT a zero-sum game and no success is truly success if it comes at the expense of truly and intentionally hurting someone else. We are also indifferent to wickedness and poor behavior of others as it has no impact on our ability to be awesome.
  • We learn from our mistakes.
    We will be quick to admit when we’re wrong and skillful in pointing out others’ mistakes.
  • We don’t steal time (or money)
    We will think before pressing “send”.  A little research can save hours of unnecessary communication. We know this and we do our very best to GTS (Google that stuff!) before throwing the ball back in your court.

We know when to shut up:

“Open your mouth only if what you are about to say is more beautiful than silence.”

— Arabic Proverb

  • We don’t commit to projects that we’re not excited about and able to crush (i.e. deliver) in an impressive and timely manner.
  • We also show up on time. 
  • We’re not afraid to ask for help when we really need it.
    If/when we reach out to someone to request a favor, we will tell them exactly what we need, and when, and why.
  • We use language skillfully and choose our words carefully.
  • We are makers, doers, and givers who strive for effectiveness over efficiency.
    We prioritize things and people that give us energy and ideas and avoid people and situations that suck it away. We contribute to our Minneapolis-St. Paul WordPress community and use discretion when using the community’s energies and resources.
  • We’re ambitious and specific.
    There is such thing as enough (see abundance, bullet pt. #1). We create and follow budgets—our own and yours!
  • We’re healthy.
    A healthy nerd is a productive nerd! We exercise and go for walks. We may even smell a rose or two along the way! We also take the time to make a good first impression. We’re the kind of developers that you’ll want to take home to mom—and introduce to your clients and colleagues!
  • We express gratitude, acknowledging and appreciating what’s going right before trying to fix everything that’s wrong. It just makes us happier. (If you’ve ever worked with an angry developer, you understand the importance of this one!)
  • We work hard!
    We are privileged to not spend every hour of every day worrying about how we’re going to keep from starving or feed our families, like the majority of people in this world. We will use this privilege to discover and redefine what true ambition and creativity means for us. Intensity and challenge are key ingredients to a balanced—even a privileged—life! We will continually find new ways of challenging ourselves every day and moving the bar equally in ALL directions, from the bottom line to our highest intentions.
  • We invite critical feedback and new input that challenges the way we work, think and act. This should be both fun and deeply challenging. We each maintain and nurture an authentic sense of humor (please check your irony at the door!) to keep our work—as well as our relationship with the present moment—fresh, interesting and surprising. In other words, we’re good at laughing at ourselves and slow to laugh at you.
  • As intentional as we try to be, we also understand that most things are out of our hands. But that won’t keep us from trying.  We find the teacher in all situations, no matter how challenging or unfair. Bring it on! After all, they don’t call us Mighty for nothin’!