Why You Need to Get on the Google Map

“How do I get more clients for my business?” a friend recently asked me.

The first thing I do in response is to search Google for the most obvious keyword.

For example, here’s the search result on the iPhone X for my business for the most obvious keyword, “wordpress near me”:

wordpress near me

iPhone X search result for “wordpress near me”

You Need to Get On the Google Map!

If you do nothing else today, get on the Google Map!

It’s easy.  It’s free.  Here’s how to get on The Map.

Here’s the result for “seamstress near me”:

seamstress near me

Organic Google SEO results for “seamstress near me” on my laptop

Map results come up first on both desktop and mobile for any “near me” SEO keyword!

So before writing that blog post…before paying for ads…before posting to Facebook…Get on the Google Map!

What Do I Do to Get More Customers After I Am On the Google Map?

A million ways to go from here…

How about starting by getting some reviews on your new Google Map listing?!

Toby Cryns

Toby Cryns is a freelance CTO, expert WordPress developer, and teacher.

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