What To Expect with Website Amazing

We are a weird company, because we don’t strive to make anything that wins us showy awards. Instead, we focus on the human relationships that create amazing things in the world.

We are weird, because we deliver incremental wins rather than big, showy launches with parties. In fact, if we’re doing our job right, you might be the only one who appreciates the work we completed (a faster-loading homepage, higher SEO rankings, less contact form spam, a series-based email marketing campaign, etc.). You might be the only one who appreciates us being available for a phone conversation when you need us.

We are weird, because after 15 years in business, we offer only 2 products and have no ambitions to offer more – Here they are: Website Amazing and WordPress Design, Refresh, & Launch.

Our goal is to support you always with:

  • A team that listens to what you need and considers what you said, before recommending a solution.
  • Pro-actively delivered sound, industry best-practice, experienced advice.
  • Quick responses to your questions.
  • Clearly-communicated timelines.
  • Promises fulfilled.
  • Empowering infrastructure. We never lock you into proprietary software that we own. We always guide you to off-the-shelf plugins, apps, and services rather than building custom solutions. From time-to-time we’ll extend or alter existing website apps, however that’s a last-case scenario.

How We Price Website Amazing

When we begin website improvement relationships (a.k.a. Website Amazing), we start by collaborating with you to make a best-guess at how many hours per month it might take, with a target of pricing our time at $150/hour. For example, if we estimate you’ll need 10 hours per month in the near term, we’ll start at $1500/mo. After a few months, we’ll review your actual usage numbers with you, review upcoming work with you and adjust up or down as needed for the next quarter.

You’ll Never Get a Surprise Bill From Us.

Website Amazing is unlimited support. What this means in practice is that you’ll never get a surprise bill from us. We’ll work closely with you throughout our development to ensure your project stays within the monthly budget we’ve agreed to, understanding that sometimes we’ll invest more than estimated, and sometimes less. In cases where you have a big vision for technology, almost all the time, we are able to steer you to budget-inclusive off-the-shelf solutions to your requests. And besides, we don’t build big custom web apps, iPhone apps, Android apps, etc. – We stick with what we know and understand, which is WordPress and Shopify.

Can I really cancel any time?

Yup. Cancel any time. You are on the hook only for the amount you’ve already paid.

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