Website Cost Calculator

How Much does a website cost?

You are wondering what a website costs.

Maybe you’ve gone through the ridiculous process of getting website bids and discovered that the amount a website costs is all over the place!

One time I had a request for proposal generate website bids between $350 and $40,000!  Not even kidding!

So here I try to help you make sense of it all by giving you this quick website cost calculator!

Note: There are lots of things that affect the cost of websites from:

  • the value of local currency (it’s a lot cheaper to hire website labor in India)
  • the overhead of the business providing the bid (big agencies have to pay account people/project managers/marketing people/etc)
  • the business model of the business (value-based or hourly)

In this website cost calculator, I do my best to help you understand some of those costs.

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Website Cost Calculator

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