Web Accessibility Services: Legal Compliance and Standards

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At The Mighty Mo! Design Co., we blend automated tools like the WAVE extension with expert evaluations to enhance your website's accessibility and align with standards like WCAG AA, while also considering ADA compliance complexities. Our service aims to minimize legal risks and promote inclusivity, acknowledging that continuous engagement and expert legal consultation are essential for maintaining an accessible and compliant online presence.

Our Web Accessibility Approach

Our customized and transparent approach ensures your website's accessibility needs are met effectively:

WAVE Tool Analysis

We leverage the WAVE browser extension to conduct an initial assessment, identifying potential accessibility barriers across various aspects like color contrast, alternative text for images, and keyboard navigation functionality.

Transparent Communication

We believe in transparent and consistent communication throughout the process. We'll schedule regular meetings to discuss the progress and any challenges encountered and answer your questions. Our detailed report delivered upon completion will also outline the work done, potential next steps, and any limitations.

Tailored Scope of Work

Based on the WAVE results and your specific website goals, we collaborate with you to develop a customized scope of work. This ensures that web accessibility improvements are prioritized and aligned with your unique needs.

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Addressing Legal Compliance and Standards

It's essential to be transparent about the limitations of our services regarding legal compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other accessibility laws. Due to the complexities of legal interpretations and varying court rulings, we cannot guarantee legal compliance. Ultimately, determining compliance rests with legal professionals.

However, The Mighty Mo! Design Co.'s comprehensive digital accessibility services can significantly improve your website's accessibility for visitors, addressing many crucial aspects the WAVE tool identifies. This proactive approach can:

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Enhance brand reputation

By prioritizing accessibility, you showcase your commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility, positively impacting your brand image.

Increase website accessibility

Addressing accessibility issues and ADA compliance directly benefits people with disabilities, allowing them to access and interact with your website effectively. This fosters a more inclusive online experience for everyone.

Important Considerations of Our Digital Accessibility

While our approach is designed to be comprehensive, it's essential to understand some key considerations:

WAVE Tool Limitations

While the WAVE tool is a valuable starting point, it's important to acknowledge its limitations. Some complex accessibility issues might require manual testing and expert judgment beyond the tool's capabilities. Also, the WAVE tool does not review video and other media for audio, transcriptions, sub-titles, etc.

Balancing WCAG Compliance

We prioritize WCAG AA compliance, a widely recognized accessibility standard. However, due to its potentially stricter standards, the WAVE tool might flag even WCAG AA-compliant elements. We will work with you to determine the appropriate level of compliance, considering your specific needs, industry regulations, and risk tolerance.

Dynamic Nature of Accessibility

Algorithm Updates

The WAVE tool's algorithms are subject to periodic updates, which might require future assessments to comply with evolving accessibility guidelines.

Website Edits

Any changes you make to your website (e.g., adding images, updating text, implementing new features) can impact the WAVE results and may require further adjustments to maintain accessibility.

Technical Limitations

Certain elements, like making videos and audio compliant with web accessibility standards, might require specialized services beyond our scope. For example: transcription, sub-title, etc.

WordPress Limitations

While WordPress offers powerful features, some themes and plugins might have inherent limitations that can hinder complete accessibility. We will thoroughly assess and communicate these limitations clearly, offering potential workarounds or alternative solutions where possible.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to providing transparent and sustainable solutions that empower you to create an inclusive online space:

Creating Inclusive Experiences

We're committed to collaborating with you to create a website that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. This ensures everyone can seamlessly access and benefit from your online content and services.

Managing Expectations

We openly acknowledge and transparently discuss our limitations surrounding legal requirements and technical boundaries. We believe in setting realistic expectations and fostering clear communication throughout our collaboratio

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Ensure your website serves every visitor perfectly. Engage our accessibility services and optimize for inclusivity!

FAQ's for Web Accessibility

Web accessibility services ensure that websites are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them effectively. These services involve evaluating and modifying websites to comply with accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Web accessibility is crucial because it ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, can access, navigate, and interact with the web. It enhances user experience, expands audience reach, and promotes inclusivity. Additionally, it helps in complying with legal requirements to prevent discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

The WAVE tool is a web accessibility evaluation tool that helps identify accessibility issues on web pages. It provides visual feedback about the accessibility of your content by highlighting potential problems and offering recommendations for improvement.

Manual evaluation involves expert reviewers assessing a website to identify accessibility issues that automated tools might not detect. This includes testing with screen readers, keyboard-only navigation, and other assistive technologies, as well as reviewing compliance with accessibility standards.

While we aim to align with recognized standards like WCAG and ADA to improve accessibility, we recommend consulting with legal experts to ensure full compliance with specific legal requirements. Our goal is to mitigate legal risks by demonstrating a good faith effort in enhancing accessibility.

No, we cannot guarantee full compliance due to the evolving nature of web technologies and accessibility standards. However, our services significantly improve your website's accessibility and reduce the risk of legal challenges by adhering to recognized guidelines and best practices.

Beyond compliance and social responsibility, web accessibility can improve your brand reputation, increase your audience reach, enhance SEO, and provide a better user experience for all visitors, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.

Common issues include lack of alt text for images, poor color contrast, inaccessible forms, missing keyboard navigation, and lack of captions for videos. We address these and more to improve the overall accessibility of your website.

WCAG AA compliance refers to meeting the Level AA criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which includes a wider range of accessibility requirements than the basic Level A and is considered the standard for most websites.

Regular evaluations are recommended, especially when updating content or implementing new features. An annual review is a good practice, but more frequent checks are advisable when making significant changes to ensure ongoing accessibility.