The Mighty Moo! WordPress Theme Update


About 1 year ago, I built The Mighty Moo! WordPress theme.  It is a fun theme that features an AJAX “accordion” navigation system built on MooTools and MooFx.

Today, I spent much of the day updating the theme so that more novice users will be able to use it out-of-the-box.  It isn’t quite ready for prime time yet, but it will be soon!  To see my current progress, visit  Updates for version 1.2 include:

  • Comment Template added
  • Blog title and blog description display in header
  • Post meta information display (tags, date, author, categories, etc.)
  • Correct page title now displays by default
  • Updated link and footer text colors to better match default theme colors

On my to-do list for Version 1.3 is:

  • Single Page template
  • 404 Page template
  • Widgetized Sidebars (underneath the main area)
  • Comment Threading
  • Stylized ordered lists, unordered lists, image borders, and block quotes

If I have missed anything on your “wish list”, just let me know in the comments of this post!



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  2. Q on March 25, 2009 at 10:23 am

    I have a modified version of your theme running on one of my test sites if you are interested email me. Great Theme btw. It has worked as a great base for my site so far.