Once Your Website is Launched, the Hard Work Begins…


With the basics taken care of, you’ll have an amazing toolset to build upon (i.e. a fast, SEO-friendly, extensible WordPress website & a team to help with bugs and little things/questions).

And you could stop there.

But all the stuff mentioned above probably won’t help you sell a single product/workshop/class/spot/membership/etc., because it doesn’t address the thing that probably caused you to want to redesign your website in the first place – Sales (or lack thereof).

My Website Isn’t Selling

Yup.  If your website was working for your sales team, you probably wouldn’t even be here right now.  You’d be selling!

Most website redesigns start with a question about design.  But the real unspoken issue is that it sucks at driving sales.

The geeky: A strategic gap that exists between your websites and the rest of your digital marketing & sales goals.  The problem is human behavior – both your customers’ behavior and your own.

We need to address both your customers and you (your business processes, your sales processes, etc.).

And both are tough to address and require thinking, energy, time, etc.

I Think About Your Website Sales All the Time.

I think about this stuff all the time. Not even joking here.  I do.

It’s what I do best.

It also where most businesses fall short.  For some reason, thinking about sales processes is last on the list.  For me, it’s first.

Basically, people hire me to figure out why people are not buying their stuff and then repairing those gaps we discover between customers and business processes.

It might sound boring to you.  But it’s the work that gets me excited every morning (I know I’m weird like that…).


The process that has proven most successful for achieving business results involves a bi-directional commitment of energy and works like this:

  1. We meet weekly to sync up on high-level goals and to plan the week of work ahead.
  2. We get the work done that we promise (i.e. hold each other accountable) and go back to #1 for the following week’s meeting.

As for budgeting, costs will vary depending on what you need.   As with any process that’s worth anything, expect to invest more to get more results.

I’ve experienced the best outcomes from 1-2 day weekly commitment that lasts a minimum of a year.

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