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Huge thank you to Toby for helping me build a site for my small business! Toby worked with my schedule and helped me learn along the way so that I can do things on my own to manage my website. Toby is truly a wonderful person to know and work with. He is caring and upbeat and super knowledgeable. I highly recommend The Mighty Mo to anyone looking to build web presence.

-Yevgeniya Gazman [verified Google Review]

WOW! Toby called me up, asked a few questions, had me create an admin login for my site for him. While I was doing that he asked me a few questions about the site to further problem solve. No more than 5 minutes later the webpage I had deleted was fully restored. The entire call lasted 10 minutes and 36 seconds (according to my call log). Would I recommend The Mighty Mo? UHHHH. Yes. Here's a guy who could have said "This is going to require hours of work to restore" and then billed me hundreds of dollars. And I wouldn't have been the wiser. So to know that there is someone out there like Toby who is honest and won't take advantage of you is worth all of my repeat business. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!!!

-Steve Hibbs [verified Google Review]

Verified Google Reviews

We handle customer service differently than other tech companies.  We reply to all emails and return all phone calls within 1 business day, oftentimes sooner.

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Based in Minneapolis, our team of WordPress developers have been securing, speeding up, and improving WordPress websites since 2006.  We keep things simple and offer the following services:

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WordPress Professionals