What Is “printf” in BuddyPress?

By / April 7, 2010 /

There are “printf” statements all over the BuddyPress default theme. What do they mean? Today, I decided to invest an hour into finding the answer to that question. Here is my answer. In short, “printf” is php code used to help make themes display words and phrases from other languages. For a long answer and…

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Simple Pull Quote Plugin Upgraded!

By / March 18, 2010 /

I upgraded my WordPress plugin, Simple Pull Quote, officially today, and it is now available for download from the WordPress Plugin Repository. The biggest new feature is that you need only type &#91pullquote&#93Your pullquote here&#91/pullquote&#93 to use pullquotes.  What’s more, there is now a button in both the Visual and HTML editors to insert the…

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Simple Pull Quote WordPress Plugin Updated! Beta Testers Needed!

By / March 7, 2010 / Comments Off on Simple Pull Quote WordPress Plugin Updated! Beta Testers Needed!

Darrell Schulte and I spent a good deal of time this weekend updating my Simple Pull Quote WordPress plugin, and we are now looking for beta testers to download and test out version 1.0 beta (Note: This new version is still in development and might not work perfectly yet.). Version 1.0 beta features: No need…

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My Experience with WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages

By / March 4, 2010 / Comments Off on My Experience with WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages

I have been struggling with how to integrate a site-wide search on a WordPress MU site for a few days.  I tried One Search, wpSearchMu, and a couple of others, but I could not get any of them to work.  Finally, I installed Donncha‘s WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages plugin. The install process is simple…

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Three NEW BuddyPress Plugins! (Custom Groups Name, Group Authors Widget, Group Registration)

By / February 18, 2010 /

UPDATE: This page will no longer be updated.  Instead, please visit the Hardly Neutral WordPress plugins page. Eric Johnson did all of the coding and deserves all of the credit for these three great plugins!  I commissioned them for a project and am posting them here with Eric’s permission.  As an FYI, these are all…

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