Wordpress 2.7

Whoa! Extra Options for wp_list_pages() Added to WordPress Recently!

By / July 13, 2009 /

I just realized that they added some sweet features to the wp_list_pages() funtion in WordPress 2.7. These include the ability to add html before and after menu items. I was struggling earlier today, trying to squeeze graphic dividers between dynamically-created between menu items. After trying all sorts of CSS tricks, I discovered this simple workaround…

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Testing Out Intense Debate

By / March 11, 2009 / Comments Off on Testing Out Intense Debate

Today I spent some time installing Intense Debate (ID) on cryns.com.  ID is a nice, little plugin for WordPress (fyi: ID was purchased by WordPress’ parent company in September 2008) that manages your comments.  With WordPress 2.7’s threaded comments feature, ID’s feature set isn’t all that much of an improvement.  But ID recently announced that…

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Reorganize Your WordPress 2.7 Admin Panel with Fluency 2.0

By / February 6, 2009 / Comments Off on Reorganize Your WordPress 2.7 Admin Panel with Fluency 2.0

Yesterday I discovered the new Fluency 2.0 plugin for WordPress 2.7.  It does a fantastic job of cleaning up the admin interface and makes the back-end WordPress experience much better for users.

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