WordPress Themes Are Only Partially GPL-Licensed

By / July 6, 2009 /

There has been considerable debate (and more debate) recently about whether or not WordPress themes are or should be GPL-licensed. The official word from WordPress and the Software Freedom Law Center is that WordPress themes are only partially GPL-licensed. That is, the php code falls under a strict GPL license, while the CSS and images…

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Dreamhost vs. HostGator (HostGator is Better)

By / June 18, 2009 /

I have been a Dreamhost customer for a few years now, and wasn’t completely satisfied with their service.  Here’s why: Dreamhost’s servers are slow (a.k.a. web pages take forever to load).  Actually, I have read that not ALL of their servers are slow, BUT definitely the server that I am on is slow. Dreamhost Support…

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The Way Matt Mullenweg (Founder of WordPress) Works

By / June 17, 2009 / Comments Off on The Way Matt Mullenweg (Founder of WordPress) Works

photo credit: Bob Jagendorf I think every freelancer has a totally unique working style.  For example, I tend to wake up with the sun and work straight on through evening, with a break or two for food, exercise, and music. Rarely do I work later than midnight. My friend, Charlie, works in hyper-ridiculous spurts where…

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