Whoa! Extra Options for wp_list_pages() Added to WordPress Recently!

By / July 13, 2009 /

I just realized that they added some sweet features to the wp_list_pages() funtion in WordPress 2.7. These include the ability to add html before and after menu items. I was struggling earlier today, trying to squeeze graphic dividers between dynamically-created between menu items. After trying all sorts of CSS tricks, I discovered this simple workaround…

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Set Your WordPress Columns to Equal Heights!

By / May 18, 2009 / Comments Off on Set Your WordPress Columns to Equal Heights!

After spending countless hours trying to figure out how to implement JavaScript and JQuery solutions to the infamous CSS equal column height problem, I discovered the WP Equal Columns WordPress plugin. Holy cow is this plugin awesome! Simple and awesome. Hopefully it will save you some hours. For technical reasons, WordPress has problems with certain…

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