Building My First BuddyPress Theme

By / December 21, 2009 /

Today I started my first significant BuddyPress undertaking – a conversion of an existing WordPress theme into a BuddyPress theme. I had previously spent a good number of hours picking apart existing BuddyPress themes and creating child themes from the default BuddyPress parent theme framework. The first question I addressed was whether or not to… Continue Reading Building My First BuddyPress Theme

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Intro To BuddyPress

By / November 21, 2009 / Comments Off on Intro To BuddyPress

Note: These are the notes for a presentation I gave at Minnebar on Saturday, November 21, 2009. Definitions BuddyPress is a plugin for WordPress MU (Multi-User) that basically allows you to install and customize your own personal version of Facebook and/or Ning.  WordPress MU is amazing software that lets users set up their own websites… Continue Reading Intro To BuddyPress

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Dreamhost No Longer Allows WordPress MU on Shared Hosting Accounts

By / October 20, 2009 /

A client of mine who is on a Dreamhost shared hosting account wants to give Buddypress a test drive.  I was chagrined to learn that Dreamhost no longer allows WordPress MU to be installed on any shared hosting account (WordPress MU is the engine that runs Buddypress).  Dreamhost used to allow it to be installed,… Continue Reading Dreamhost No Longer Allows WordPress MU on Shared Hosting Accounts

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BuddyPress Installed!

By / July 8, 2009 / Comments Off on BuddyPress Installed!

I completed my first BuddyPress installation today on a test server after experiencing a BIG fail trying to get it installed on a friend’s site (Sorry, Jeff!). It seems his HostGator account doesn’t like WordPress MU for some reason. But MY HostGator account likes it plenty! Below is my reaction to the installation process. Not… Continue Reading BuddyPress Installed!

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Why Use BuddyPress? …because it looks awesome!!!

By / July 3, 2009 /

I am REALLY excited about BuddyPress. I can’t say exactly why…Oh yeah – because it looks awesome. Basically, BuddyPress gives you and me the ability to create our own, customized Facebook-type of website. Why would we want to create a Facebook-type of website, you ask? One word: control. Facebook is awesome, but I can think… Continue Reading Why Use BuddyPress? …because it looks awesome!!!

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