What Is “printf” in BuddyPress?

By / April 7, 2010 /

There are “printf” statements all over the BuddyPress default theme. What do they mean? Today, I decided to invest an hour into finding the answer to that question. Here is my answer. In short, “printf” is php code used to help make themes display words and phrases from other languages. For a long answer and…

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Three NEW BuddyPress Plugins! (Custom Groups Name, Group Authors Widget, Group Registration)

By / February 18, 2010 /

UPDATE: This page will no longer be updated.  Instead, please visit the Hardly Neutral WordPress plugins page. Eric Johnson did all of the coding and deserves all of the credit for these three great plugins!  I commissioned them for a project and am posting them here with Eric’s permission.  As an FYI, these are all…

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How to Unzip Folders on the Server Using a Simple PHP Script

By / February 10, 2010 /

I have been installing WordPress MU and BuddyPress a lot recently as I test and test and test it for a client’s website.  The uploading of files via ftp has been the biggest consumer of time during this process. Yesterday, I discovered a simple PHP script that makes installing WPMU, BuddyPress, WordPress, or really anything…

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How to Create a BuddyPress 1.2 Child Theme

By / January 25, 2010 /

I just spent a good 30 minutes figuring this out, so I thought I would post just in case anyone out there is having a similar mental block.  🙂 To create a BuddyPress 1.2 child theme, simply create a new folder in your normal “wp-content/themes” folder and then put a style.css file into that folder…

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Use locate_template instead of TEMPLATEPATH to Include Files in a BuddyPress Child Theme

By / January 14, 2010 /

Today I ran into an interesting problem while developing a BuddyPress theme. I was attempting to include a custom sidebar using PHP’s “include” function. The WordPress codex page on “include tags” gives us this: <?php include( TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/sidebar-index.php’ ); ?> The problem is that the above code doesn’t always work when you are utilizing…

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