WordPress Pull Quote Plugin Updated: Now Includes Left Alignment!

[pullquote class=”left”]Some like it on the left.[/pullquote] I pushed a new release of my Simple Pull Quote WordPress plugin a few minutes ago that adds the most-requested feature: left alignment. I know it probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to most of you, but what can I say – some like it left, some like it right. haha!

[pullquote]Some like it on the right.[/pullquote]There’s probably 4,000 users of the plugin that will utilize the feature…soooo…As George Carlin once said, “Even in a fake democracy, the people should get what they want every once in a while.”

pull quote wordpress plugin

Why did it take me so long to release such a basic feature, you ask?  Well, I am someone who thinks software needs to make decisions for people.  I generally don’t like options, especially in something as simple as a pull quote.  Plus, the ability was always there to style the thing for anyone with a rotary understanding of CSS.  I have kept the option totally unobtrusive, because people have to manually add the “class=left” parameter.

For the record, I have plans to release a new version of Simple Pull Quote with all the options, bells, whistles, and dishpans that people have been requesting over the years.  Stay tuned for that!

And Enjoy!

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