SEO Security & Protection

Maybe you’ve been here: You updated your WordPress plugins and all of a sudden:

  • “My site disappeared!”
  • “Why is my homepage broken?”
  • “Contact form submissions are going nowhere!”
  • “My SEO is ruined!”

We get it.

Things go wrong when you update software.  Often.

Sometimes you can lose hundreds of hours & thousands of dollars with the single push of a button in WordPress.

Don’t Give Away Your SEO!

You’ve invested lots of time, money, and energy building up your company’s SEO.

Don’t be that person who skimps on security and gives it all away to a Viagra spammer!

The most common scenario when a website gets hacked is that a spammer will steal your SEO juice. 

I’ve seen it too many times to count!

A spammer hacks your site and replaces all your valuable links with spam links to Cialis and Viagra.

Not even kidding.

And from there, it’s only a matter of time before Google blacklists you!

The Simplest Way To Protect Your SEO Investment

By joining Website Amazing, you are effectively putting up a firewall between you and the hackers who would love to steal your valuable SEO.

Utilizing our SEO Security Proven Process behind the scenes, you can rest easy and continue to be empowered.

We’ll keep the hackers away while you do the important work in your business.

Protecting Your Valuable SEO Is Easy

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