Search Posts by Date Range in WordPress

I recently needed to search posts by date range on a WordPress site.

As any experienced WordPress pro will tell you, search is one of WordPress’ shortcomings, and there are not many plugin options out there for fancy searches.

The only plugin I found that looked like it could do the job is FacetWP.  While not perfect, I would recommend it for anyone who wants to filter results on a search page by category, by taxonomy, by tag, by author, etc.

  • It sorts results on the fly using AJAX – very slick.
  • Interface is all WP back end, so no need to edit code, unless you want to edit the results template (this is done on the WP back end as well).
  • Lots of options – drop-downs, checkboxes, etc.
  • The back end setup will likely confuse beginners.
  • No widget.
  • Front-end output styles SUCK!  I’m running it on Twenty Twelve, and some pretty basic list styles look bad.  Also, the date range picker requires styling work before it can be used.
So, I would highly-recommend this plugin with the caveat that it is not a 1-click installation; it’ll require a bit of reading to figure out how to put your first search together.


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