Questions to Ask When Deciding Between WooCommerce & Shopify

There’s no silver bullet with e-commerce providers…just pros and cons. Below are some unbiased questions to consider when deciding between WooCommerce and Shopify. Since their respective feature sets are always-changing, I’m not going to recommend one over the other…but I do recommend conversing with your tech team about the requirements below:

  1. Which payment options would you like to provide customers at checkout?  e.g. Amazon Pay, credit card, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Paypal, etc. 
  2. How do you do fulfillment? How will you do fulfillment? Do you have multiple fulfillment houses or just one?
  3. Do you have a point of sale system?
  4. Do you want to offer payment plan solutions such as Paypal Credit,, etc.?
  5. How many transactions per month? How many customers do you have?
  6. How complex is your marketing and re-marketing?
  7. Do you need product subscriptions?
  8. Is a straightforward email confirmation workflow enough, or do you need something more vertically-integrated?
  9. Are you required to pay state and local taxes in more than one state?  e.g. If someone in Alabama buys your product, do you need to pay Alabama state, county, & municipal taxes?