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We Speed Up Websites by Factors of 100%, 200%, ...

So you've put in the time, effort, energy, and moola to get a prospective customer/reader/visitor/donor to your website, and when they get there it's too damn slow.  They lose interest after waiting a few seconds, and that's that.  All your effort wasted.

Your site speed matters as much as your content, images, pricing, and design.  (Amazon.com discovered that a 1-second slowdown in load times cost them $1.6 billion!)

Over the years, we have come to see website speed as a critical factor in sales, conversions, and readership.  Basically, providing a fast website is good customer service.

Worry-Free WP takes care of your customers by providing:

  • The fastest server hardware and software for the money
  • The fastest WordPress speed settings - Through our proprietary processes we speed up your site in ways that are impossible to do on most web hosts.
  • The fastest off-server optimizations that is available.
  • Speed optimizations customized to your website and business.

Protecting Your Website From Imminent Destruction Since 2004

Owning and managing any website has its risks.  Servers fail, sites get hacked, upgrades go bad—so bad.  Dealing with these risks comes with the territory.

If you’ve ever had to pay a developer to dig you out of one of these disasters, you know that cleaning up the post-disaster comes with a hefty price tag.  I've seen cases where just getting a website back online after a hack costs tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the lost revenue from sales while the disaster cleanup is taking place, AND the loss of sought-after Google SEO position.

As much as we like your money, we’d rather earn it by helping you make more money.

Our Worry-Free WP proactively protects you from website disasters and SEO disasters.

Plus, in the event that you do have a disaster (which almost never happens for Worry-Free WP customers), we'll cover the cost of cleaning up the mess - get your site back online, usually within hours - not months.

All of Our Worry-Free WP Products Include Enhanced Security & No Commitment:

Best-in-Class Security Up-and-Down our Hosting Stack
Validated WordPress Core & Plugin Software Updates
Uptime Monitoring - Never wonder if your customers & visitors can view your website.
Amazing WordPress "How To" Video Tutorials
911 Emergency Website Response, 24/7/365
Restorable Cloud Backups of EVERYTHING
100% Hack Free Guarantee!
Cancel Anytime

Our Most Popular Worry-Free WP Product Includes Enhanced Security Plus WordPress Speed, SEO, Security, and Unlimited Support:

 The best in WordPress Speed, SEO, Security, and Support! We partner with you to build your business, brand, and/or non-profit. Whatever the need, we've got your back.
Best-in-Class WordPress Speed Boost
Advanced Custom DNS + Cache Speed Boost (where available)
Content Delivery Network Speed Boost (CDN)
Web Application Firewall for Speed Boost & Security (WAF)
SEO Code Optimization
Google Business Setup & Management
Google Map Listing Setup & Management
Submission to ALL Major Search Engines and Google Validation
Sitemap Creation and Management for Better SEO
Visitor Analytics Setup & Management
Content Changes + Additions (as needed, up to 3 hours per month)
Advanced Performance Optimization
24/7/365 Security Monitoring
Digital Marketing Consulting + Sales Strategy (as needed, up to 1 hour per month)
Actionable Monthly SEO Reports
Unlimited Website Content Updates (logos, slideshows, images, text, Word files, Powerpoint files, PDF files, etc.)
WordPress Feature Development, Bug Fixes, & Code Fixes (as needed, up to 3 hours per month)
Monthly SEO Email Reports
Advanced WordPress Object Caching for Added Speed

People Trust Us

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When you sign up for Worry-Free WP, you help yourself avoid the Code Red search-and-rescue-type programming bills that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. With some of that money you’ll save, hopefully you’ll partner with us to help you better-meet your business objectives.