WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress website maintenance comes in lots of forms. With us, we promise you access to our expert-level support team when needed – You’ll never get stuck with a newbie who “knows WordPress”. We’ve been building WordPress themes and plugins for 15+ years, and we love the tough assignments. Our WordPress website maintenance plans are ideal for mature websites that need some regular care and attention.

Our Specialties:

  • WordPress security
  • WordPress maintenance
  • WordPress validated backups & updates
  • Secure & Fast WordPress hosting
  • Fixing broken WordPress plugins and themes
  • Maintaining old WordPress themes and plugins
  • Transitioning you from an old WordPress website to a new one

Our WordPress Website Maintenance Options

With us, you’ll get a custom-crafted WordPress maintenance solution that takes your specific needs into account. For example, if you have an old website that needs some updating – We’ve got you covered! Do you need to create pages and blog posts regularly? We can help! Do you need to harden your security practices to prevent a hack and protect your SEO investment? Can do! Need some emergency help cleaning up your hacked website? We have over a decade of experience removing malware from WordPress!

Some of our customers need only an hour per month of WordPress website maintenance, while others need 10+ hours per month. All of our packages scale up and down based on your needs in the moment. Here are some potential options:

  • Monthly Validated Backups & Updates (e.g. security hardening and feature updates)
  • Monthly Reserved WordPress Website Maintenance (e.g. For all the random little website things that pop up over the course of your day)
  • Hosting speed-up & WordPress speed-up (for when your WordPress site is sloooooow)
  • Weekly content merges (e.g. For big e-commerce sites that have regular product updates)
  • Let us know!
WordPress Website Maintenance
WordPress Website Maintenance

How We Do WordPress Website Maintenance

Our customers stick with us for a long time, and we treat everyone with respect. This includes responding to emails promptly, never sending unexpected bills, and giving each question and to-do a thoughtful reply. Our individual developers are given lots of leeway and time to craft responses and solutions, converse with you about specifics, and develop things that’ll last. Unlike many of our peers, our developers are salaried with benefits, sick time, vacations, etc – So you know you’ll be getting someone who is healthy and ready for action.

How to Find WordPress Website Maintenance

The best way to get started maintaining your website is to simply contact us. From there, we’ll schedule a phone call and get rolling (often within a day or two!). I hope this has been helpful, and I look forward to conversing further about your WordPress website maintenance needs!

One important difference for us vs other companies who provide these services is that we provide support primarily via phone and email. Simple email works for 99% of the communication we do (e.g. “Update the homepage image with the attached photo”). You’ll never be asked for an account number or anything like that – we’re small enough that we’ll know ya by first name. Phone calls and screenshares are always an option when further conversation is needed.


What’s important to you? If you have things that are important to you, make sure to bring them up early and often. For example, if meeting in person is important, make sure to mention that. If you need 24/7 support, make sure to bring that up early. If you have special budgetary needs, mention that.

What’s your budget? We try to work with everyone’s budget, but, of course, we are a local family-owned business and can’t exist without paying the bills. We’re based in Minneapolis, MN, which is cheaper than New York City, but not by all that much. Most of our customers sit in the $300/mo or so range for our services, however we have customers paying much more and some paying much less – it’s all dependent on the services we provide.

What kind of turnaround do you need? We scan our email inbox continuously and oftentimes we are able to knock out your to-do list within 30 minutes. Our promise is a response of 1 business day, but, in our experience, most to-dos you send to us will be little things we can knock out quickly, and oftentimes you’ll just need some human advice. We’re here to support you with all this!

Do you need how-to videos? We regularly create “how to” videos for our customers when we do that work, when requested. This helps solidify the learning for both you and us and gives you a reference when a similar question comes up in the future.

Where can I learn more about how The Mighty Mo! works? The best starting point to learn more about is to read our “Why we work” article. From there, you might meander over to my blog or my Github page if you are tech-oriented.

Let me know if you have further questions by contacting me,

-Toby Cryns, Founder, The Mighty Mo! WordPress Design