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In-Person Group WordPress Training

In-person group WordPress training offers many advantages for businesses and non-profits looking to build or improve their websites and level-up their team's tech skills. Unlike online tutorials or individual training, a group setting provides opportunities for collaborative learning, networking, and gaining different perspectives.

One of the main benefits is being able to learn alongside others who are working on similar website projects and goals. Group members can brainstorm ideas together, troubleshoot issues as a team, and gain insights into how others are using WordPress. This type of peer learning is extremely valuable, as each participant brings their own unique experiences and challenges to the table. Collaborating face-to-face enables richer discussions and idea exchanges compared to remote training.

Another advantage is receiving hands-on guidance from an expert trainer who can provide tips tailored to the needs of the group. The trainer can demo WordPress features live, address participants' specific questions, and ensure everyone understands key concepts. This level of personalized attention and support accelerates the learning process.

Additionally, in-person training facilitates networking opportunities between participants that can lead to future collaborations or resource sharing. Connecting in person helps build relationships and support networks that persist after the training ends.

For businesses and non-profits, the camaraderie and personalized nature of group WordPress training makes it well worth the investment. With thoughtful guidance from a skilled trainer and focus on collaborative learning, in-person training enables organizations to maximize the impact of their websites.

Customized 1-on-1 WordPress Training Workshop

For small business owners and employees at companies looking to build or enhance their websites, our customized 1-on-1 in person WordPress training offers invaluable customized guidance to meet their unique needs. Unlike generic online courses or group classes, private individual training provides laser-focused instruction and support every step of the way.

The main advantage of 1-on-1 training is that the curriculum can be tailored exactly to your website goals, skill level, and preferred learning style. There are no irrelevant topics or unnecessary information - every minute spent focuses on your particular objectives. Our experienced trainer caters the pace and teaching approach to best serve your learning needs.

Additionally, in our private office setting you can feel comfortable asking questions and surfacing website pain points you are experiencing, without judgment or impatience from peers. Our training becomes an open knowledge sharing forum for troubleshooting anything and everything related to your WordPress site!

Working side-by-side in person also enables our WordPress trainer to provide hands-on demonstrations, guide website edits in real time, and collaborate on practical exercises. This immersive learning accelerates skill building and retention compared to passive online learning.

After your WordPress training session concludes, you'll have gained an invaluable long-term resource - direct access to the trainer for any follow up questions or refreshers needed down the road (additional fees might apply). This lasting support helps reinforce and maximize your WordPress education.

For small business owners and employees short on time and seeking targeted website guidance, 1-on-1 in person WordPress training provides the ultimate flexible, customized solution. With an expert trainer's undivided attention, you'll gain the skills and confidence to manage your site independently.

Benefits of Our WordPress Training Workshops

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Learn How to Add New Pages, Posts, Images, anything to your existing website!

During our 1-on-1 workshops, you we'll utilize your existing website, so every single thing we discuss will be directly applicable to your business.

Beautifully-crafted, Together!

During our 1-on-1 workshops, you'll have the option to craft your new site or landing page together with Toby in real time!

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How to remove "Protected:" from password protected post in WordPress

Fix broken WordPress things

You'll arrive to our WordPress training with an ordered list of things you'd like to fix on your website - Together we'll tackle the list, training you along the way!

The Best Instructor (Seriously)

Photo courtesy of Mike Bollinger of Tech.mn

Toby Cryns

With over a 15 years of WordPress training under his belt, WordPress guru extraordinaire, Toby Cryns, is the go-to resource in the Twin Cities for WordPress training!  When he isn't helping some of the top marketing professionals in the Twin Cities with their WordPress tech stack, he can be found teaching WordPress at venues around the Cities as well as online.  He's also the founder and moderator of the Minneapolis-St. Paul WordPress User Group.


Huge thank you to Toby for helping me build a site for my small business! Toby worked with my schedule and helped me learn along the way so that I can do things on my own to manage my website. Toby is truly a wonderful person to know and work with. He is caring and upbeat and super knowledgeable. I highly recommend The Mighty Mo to anyone looking to build web presence.

-Yevgeniya Gazman [verified Google Review]

WOW! Toby called me up, asked a few questions, had me create an admin login for my site for him. While I was doing that he asked me a few questions about the site to further problem solve. No more than 5 minutes later the webpage I had deleted was fully restored. The entire call lasted 10 minutes and 36 seconds (according to my call log). Would I recommend The Mighty Mo? UHHHH. Yes. Here's a guy who could have said "This is going to require hours of work to restore" and then billed me hundreds of dollars. And I wouldn't have been the wiser. So to know that there is someone out there like Toby who is honest and won't take advantage of you is worth all of my repeat business. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!!!

-Steve Hibbs [verified Google Review]

Pricing of our in-person and online customized WordPress trainings vary based on your specific needs.  Our 1-on-1 Workshops start at $500 per 90-minute workshop.  Find our current pricing here.

I can optionally screen-record our entire WordPress training session and share with you for future reference.  This video usually has all the answers to the "I forgot how to..." questions.  But if it doesn't, yes, you can always email or call.

Usually I'll post it to a secure streaming channel and share that link with you.  If you'd prefer, I can send you the actual .mp4 video file.

I've been building WordPress sites for 15 years, and usually if you can think of the question, we can answer it!  That said, I do get stumped by non-WordPress questions (e.g. "How do I do this thing in Google Analytics/Facebook/Instagram?"), and I'll be honest when those moments pop up.

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