WordPress Security

Whether your WordPress website has been hacked or you are looking to prevent the worst - We can help.

Our 15 years supporting WordPress sites has taught us a couple of things:

  1. Your website will probably get hacked at some point.
  2. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of...well...hacked website.

We look to form long-term relationships with our customers, whether that means collaborating with your existing team or being your WordPress security team.

How Our Approach is Different

We strive for a wholistic, calm, planful approach to all things website.  When it comes to WordPress security, we start at the most-vulnerable attack target: the server.  We work our way through the layers from there, recommending and implementing best-practices.

Hosting & DNS Security

Oftentimes WordPress hacks originate at the hosting-level, e.g. before the hacker even loads WordPress.  That's why we start with a review of your web host.  You'd be surprised by how vulnerable some of the big-name hosting companies' servers are.  This review includes hosting tech, hosting features, and even dns security (e.g. thwarting potential hackers before they access the server).

WordPress Plugin, Theme, & Core Security

Once we secure the hosting-level and DNS, we move on to the WordPress-level.  This includes a review of WordPress plugins, themes, and core for existing and potential vulnerabilities.  Sometimes the plugins you are using are not vulnerable today but nonetheless have a future-facing vulnerability - This is an example of something only a human eye can observe.  For example, When we find an unsupported WordPress plugin, we'll do plugin-specific research and collaborate with you to find a workable plugin alternative.

Who is eligible?

Our customers include local-oriented family-owned businesses, boutique financial firms, regional consulting firms, local law firms, and local non-profits.  We maintain a handful of locally-owned but nationally-recognized e-commerce companies' websites.  Most of our customers do not have a tech person on full-time staff.  We are on a first-name basis with all of our customers, and our customers have our cellphone numbers.

If you are looking for a long-term tech partner to handle WordPress security, contact us.

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