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Pro website development

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An amazing website delivered fast, supported always, and built using the world’s leading website technologies!

We’ve been down this road before… You have a website, but it’s been hacked, looks bad, functions poorly, and gives you headaches you didn’t ask for and that you don’t need.


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More Than a Decade of Secure & Reliable WordPress Service

We’ve been doing this in Minneapolis for over a decade, and we’ll be here for another decade! 

Contact Us Below To Get The Website That You Need!

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With Website Amazing, you’ll finally have the headache-free website you always dreamed of!

We support you always with:

SEO code optimization
Unlimited small updates
for the life of your website
Quick turnarounds
100% hack guarantee: If your site gets hacked we’ll fix it free of charge!
Nightly restorable backups (If you break your site, no problem! We’ll activate our website time machine!)
Validated WordPress Backups & Updates
Website optimization for speed, security, and SEO
Speedy website through our proprietary Platinum Hosting technology
Decades of website experience at your fingertips.


What Your Website Includes

You can choose any of the following website add-ons for FREE:

  • Layout changes to web pages
  • Ongoing streamlining of your visitors’ experience
  • Add text to pages, blog posts, & products
  • Photo links
  • Add or replace product photos
  • Secure sales connections
  • App API
  • Members Paywall
  • Members-only Content (login required)
  • Paypal Donation or Shopping Cart Buttons
  • Slideshows/galleries
  • SEO Code Optimization
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Webmaster Tools Integration
  • SSL/HTTPS for speed & security (and because Google likes it)
  • Unlimited small updates for the life of your website (if it takes us 15 minutes or less, it’s included)
  • 100% hack guarantee: If your site gets hacked we’ll fix it free of charge!
  • Speedy website through our proprietary Platinum Hosting technology
  • Decades of website experience at your fingertips
  • Online training videos
  • Custom Phone and Tablet functionality: Touching your phone number will open the phone dialer, touching your address will open the Maps app, your website will load beautifully and quickly for phones and tablets!
  • Domain management
  • Blog
  • Email list integration
  • Social media links
  • Contact form (Up to 4 basic fields: Name, Email, Phone, & Question)
  • Google Calendar Embed
  • Google Map Embed
  • World-leading WordPress software (currently powering 28% of the world’s websites!)
  • Automatic Social Media posting to Google, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Google Business integration


Non-Website Things We Can Help With For a Reasonable Fee:

  • SSL/HTTPS for speed & security (and because Google likes it)
  • Email
  • Event Ticketing
  • Digital consulting
  • Website customizations beyond our Website Amazing service
  • In-person 1-on-1 Digital Training & Support in Minneapolis
  • Online Training & Support anywhere
  • Just ask.  🙂

Unlimited Digital Breakthrough Phone Calls

Sometimes you need to explain a question over the phone.  We get it.

Our Digital Breakthrough phone calls help you make important technology decisions.

Things you might ask or discuss in a Digital Breakthrough call include:

  • I have a list of 11 things I need done, and I’d like to discuss with you.
  • Should I use Paypal or Stripe to process payments?
  • What’s up with my contact form?  It’s not working properly.
  • Should I use Wix or WordPress?
  • How much traffic are we getting on our product page?
  • etc.

Need digital strategy support?  We’ve got that covered, too!  For an additional fee, we’ll hold monthly 1-on-1 Digital Strategy Breakthrough Workshops with you.

Here’s how Digital Breakthrough phone calls differ from 1-on-1 Digital Strategy Breakthrough Workshops.

People Who Trust Us

Check out the reviews below and also see our Verified Google Reviews.

wordpress website google reviews



John Hutchinson Care Counseling

John Hutchinson, Care Counseling

Historically, I have struggled with designers/developers who have over-promised and under-delivered.  Since starting with The Mighty Mo, I haven’t been stuck repeating requests or wondering what I’m paying for 😉  The team has added a wide variety of functionality, coached me on methods to efficiently achieve my goals, and even taught me how to make simple changes to my site.  They really won me over when they coached me into a competitive service because it was a better fit for my business.  At this point, I know I’m in great hands.


 Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your website prototype when it is delivered – and I do mean 100% – we’ll refund you 100% of your payment.  No questions asked.  No funny business.  Just a quick, painless refund.

We’ve been working with people like you in Minnesota for over a decade, and we aim to be in business for a decade+ more!

About Our Founder, Toby Cryns

“Our mission is to empower people to do good work.” – Toby Cryns, Founder of The Mighty Mo!

With over a decade of WordPress development and training under his belt, WordPress guru extraordinaire, Toby Cryns, is the go-to resource in the Twin Cities for boutique WordPress consulting, training, and mentoring!  When he isn’t mentoring some of the top marketing professionals in the Twin Cities, he can be found building custom WordPress plugins, and teaching WordPress at venues and conferences around The Cities.

But don’t take our word for it…check out the testimonials below from some folks who have benefitted from Toby’s instruction and expertise:

john miller

John Miller, My Town Fitness

“Meeting with Toby was great. He took the time to understand what drove me and what my motivation was for my site. He helped relieve a lot of anxiety I had with my lack of experience by helping me simplify my process.” – John Miller, My Town Fitness, MN

“I was impressed that we were able to accomplish all the changes to my website that I wanted in such a short time!” – Bill Barrett, RTS Inc., MN


Glenn Stanley, Crosstown Insurance

“It’s nice to have a go-to resource, not just for basic site fixes, but for insight into function and vision as well!” – Glenn Stanley, Crosstown Insurance, MN

Every time I meet with Toby, I not only get my issues solved, but I go away with awesome new solutions to things I didn’t even know I needed.” – Mike Kamish, Airbrushed Headbands, MN


IMPORTANT: Still not convinced? Check out our recent Google Reviews!

google reviews

Sick of the headaches that come with owning a website?

Want to feel empowered to focus on your business or non-profit?

Is something broken on your website, and it’s taking forever for your current web person to fix it?

Did you break your WordPress website the last time you updated it?

Has your website been hacked?

Is your website not showing up in Google?

Need your website listed on the Google map?

Our decades+ experience supporting small businesses and non-profits allows us to tackle all the digital stuff while you focus on your job.

Who Website Amazing Is For:

  • Marketing people who don’t want to deal with SEO Security headaches.
  • Marketing people who need a fast website and don’t want to learn the technology required for faster websites.
  • Small business owners who need a pro-active web team.
  • B2B companies who can’t afford to have their SEO hijacked.
  • B2B companies with websites that are critical to their sales process.

Who It’s Not For:

Website Amazing is not a good fit for:

  • Large corporations with net-[whatever] payment terms.
  • Large corporations with tech teams who with dedicated WordPress expertise.
  • Small businesses who just need an update here and there. (Check out our WordPress Virtual Assistant Membership for this service.)
  • Non-profits who absolutely must pay by check. (To keep business overhead low, we only accept credit card payment.)


Still Have Questions?

Call today to learn more: 612-293-8629.  Or email [email protected]

Learn more about our founder, Toby here.

Paula Degrand, GettingThingsSewn.com

Paula Degrand, GettingThingsSewn.com

I’m free to be as ambitious as I want, putting my creative energies toward what I do best and leaving the rest to Toby.” – Paula DeGrand, GettingThingsSewn.com

Ready to Get Started? Questions? Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will my website be responsive, SEO-friendly, fast, easy-to-use, & mobile optimized?
A: Yes.  We use the most SEO-friendly platform, WordPress, plus best-practices and proprietary server software to ensure your site is SEO-friendly, speedy, mobile-ready, and easy to use.

Q: Does this include website hosting?
A: Yes, you get our proprietary, enterprise class Platinum Hosting.

Q: Can I have a shopping cart?
A: Yes, we offer shopping carts for an extra monthly fee.

Q: Can I do e-commerce?
A: Yes, call us to chat about your specific needs.

Q: What if I leave?
A: 100% money-back guarantee if you decided to leave after seeing your website prototype. Opt out at any time after your agreement ends, thereafter.

Q: Can I take my WordPress site with me when I leave?
A: Yes. Once our agreement is fulfilled (usually after 1 year), we will provide you with a zipped backup file that includes your website and database if you decide to leave.  If you want to leave before your agreed-upon term, just let us know, and we’ll work with you.

Q: What’s your security policy?
A: We use best-in-class WordPress-specific hardware, software, and best-practices to limit cut out the bad folks and keep in the good. With 10 years of experience both protecting and fixing business reputations that have been damaged by website malware, we’ve got what it takes.

Q: Do we own our text, images, logo, files, etc?
A: Yes.  You own 100% all of the content you provide (assuming it was yours to begin with).  We don’t want to own and make no claim of ownership or copyright over any text, images, logo, files, etc. that you provide us.

Q: Do we own our WordPress theme, functionality, design, etc.
A: Yes.  We adhere to the terms of the GPL WordPress License, and you own all your stuff under those very liberal terms.

Q: Do we get a custom website design?
A: Yes.  It’ll be 100% customized for you.  Your logo, your colors, your design – yours.

Q: Do you use a theme/framework/etc.?
A: Of course!  When you hire someone to write a custom theme, you are paying to reinvent the wheel.  Part of how we keep our prices so low for you is that we utilize well-supported, pre-existing code libraries.

Q: Do you pay for the theme and plugins?
A: Yes, most of the time.  All of the plugins and corresponding security patches, updates, etc. are included with your Website Amazing membership are covered for the life of your membership.  From time-to-time, there are outlier cases that require a plugin we don’t support or pay for.  Those cases are rare, and we’ll let you know if we get there.

Q: Is this WordPress?
A: Yes. 100% WordPress.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: View our payment page for up-to-date costs.

Q: Do you offer SEO and other services?
A: Yes.  We have experience with all sorts of web technologies and offer them a la carte as addons.  View our payment page for additional services and price details.

Q: How do you offer this at such a low price?
A: We’ve been doing this for over a decade, and we’ve built expertise and operational efficiencies that help us deliver amazing service at a low price.  For example, we include & support the best form solution for WordPress rather than offer a myriad of choices for forms (even though they all do basically the same thing) that increases our overhead.

Q: What if my site gets a lot of traffic or has a lot of products?
A: If your site either gets a lot of traffic, has a lot of products, has a lot of pages, etc., we’ll recommend a custom hosting solution to fit your needs.  In this, specific and rare case, there will be additional monthly costs, payable to the hosting company you choose.

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