1-on-1 Ongoing Engagement

“I just launched the new website for my most important client, and the contact form isn’t working!  Pls Help!!”

The text pinged my phone while I was trying on a new pair of shoes at Target.

It was Mary (name changed), and she had been working on a website launch for one of her biggest clients for the last few months.

The big day had arrived, she flipped the switch to make the website live, and…splat!

Now what?

1-on-1 Ongoing Engagement

The 1-on-1 Ongoing Engagement is for:

  • When it’s a code-red emergency, and you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  • When you need someone to be with you during your most-important website launches.
  • When you need a sounding board for a big technology challenge.
  • When you are stumped by a bug in your code.
  • When you know there is a better way to build that website thing, and you just need a little push in the right direction.
  • When your boss’s emails are not making it to her inbox, and she’s waiting for a very important email from a customer.
  • When you are wondering if Service Provider X is charging too much.
  • When you need a regular conversation about the Most Difficult Part of Your Digital.

There’s really no substitute for having a senior-level, experienced technology pro on your team.

That’s where the 1-on-1 Ongoing Engagement fits in!

What You Get

When her website launch hit the wall, Mary knew who to call in an emergency.  She had confidence and was calm, because she had a plan for this.

She knew I had her back.

I quickly discovered what the issue was and coached Mary through the solution.

Some other ways the 1-on-1 Ongoing Engagement have been beneficial:

  • Regular, scheduled phone calls.
  • Email support with known response times.
  • Develop and follow-through on a plan of attack for your business in the short- and long-terms.
  • Connect your digital efforts to your business objectives (customers, dollars, ROI, KPIs, etc.).
  • Build up wins on a monthly basis.
  • Measurable next steps.
  • A pair of eyes:
    – out of your office,
    – out of your head,
    – and focused on supporting your success.
  • From:
    – overcoming your time management challenges,
    – ensuring your proposals are the best as they can be,
    – selecting the best vendor for a high-profile project,
    – identifying ways to move faster and more effectively.


During 1-on-1 Ongoing Engagements, I Have Helped Business Leaders:

  • Fix Sales Process Bottlenecks.
  • Develop Sales Strategy.
  • Discover Solutions to Headache-inducing WordPress Issues & Workflows
  • Create and Support Website Development Workflows
  • Follow-through on Sales & Marketing Efforts.
  • Build Sustainable Website Hosting Infrastructure
  • Develop Marketing Strategy (web, digital, email, social media, public relations, etc).
  • Manage Outsourced Teams.
  • Manage Expectations Internally Around Rebranding, Website Launches, App Launches, etc.
  • Build Capacity for Website Development & App Development.
  • Launch New Products.
  • Improve Their Website Performance (i.e. Speed, SEO, etc).
  • Provide Regular Technology Training.
  • Build Capacity for Ongoing Website Support, Maintenance, Feature Builds, Help, Etc.
  • Exhibit Calm in the Face of the Impending Storm.


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That’s what my 1-on-1 Ongoing Engagement service is about – support and confidence on call.

It starts at $71/week and can also be combined with a regularly scheduled call (just like Mary has) or an in-person meeting.

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