Monthly Retainer for WordPress Development & Consulting

Is a Monthly Retainer for website maintenance right for me?

Many of our customers utilize our pre-paid retainers. We’ve found that retainer work allows us to get stuff done more quickly (e.g. less billing paperwork) and also helps you keep your websites more up-to-date with content (e.g. If you know you’ve got us for some time every month, you can compile a to-do list for us every month or week!).

Most people start with 3 hours of website development/consulting per month and then adjust as-needed from there. We aren’t sticklers about the time – we’d just try to make sure it roughly averages about an hour per month over the course of a 3-month period. For example, We might do 6 hours of work for someone in January, 1 hour in February, then 2 hours of work in March (9 hours total divided by 3 months = 3 hours-per-month).

You’ll Never Get a Surprise Bill

You’ll never be sent a surprise bill – if there’s a big thing that requires a separate budget, we’ll converse about that before doing the work.

Discounts for Annual Pre-payment!

We give you 2 months free if you pre-pay for the year – that’s a big chunk of dollars saved for you! Some of our customers are saving thousands of dollars per year with annual pre-payments!

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