Hacked WordPress Service [Who do I call for cleanup?]

When your WordPress site is hacked, it’s a code-red emergency. We’ve been fixing hacked WP sites for almost 2 decades and counting, and we can help you when the going gets rough.

Our Guarantee

We have a couple of guarantees with our service:

  1. Your case will be managed by a real human being with your best interests at heart. You’ll even be able to converse with our team via phone, if needed or desired!
  2. If your site gets hacked again within 30 days of our initial website malware cleanup, we’ll clean it again – free of charge!

Our Process

We do not charge for initial conversations and scans.

If you think your website might be hacked, send us a quick email using our 911 Website Emergency form. Once we receive your email from the form, one of our senior WP developers will use cutting-edge tech to scan your site for malware, viruses, and the like. They’ll let you know what they find, and what it’ll cost to fix.

If the price fits your budget, we’ll send a quick invoice, collect payment, and get started cleaning up your website! Most hacked site cleanups are completed within an hour or two of payment.

FAQs About Hacked WP Site Cleanup