WordPress Hack Guarantee

Our Hack Guarantee is simple and is available to all of our WordPress Platinum Hosting customers at no additional cost:

  • We will clean up any hacked site – removing malware, viruses, and any other malicious code.

Our hack cleanup proven process works in 99% of cases. If, for some reason, cleaning up the site isn’t an option and we become aware of the hacked site within 3 weeks of it happening, we will restore your website to its pre-hacked state and advise on next steps for security hardening moving forward.

How to Prevent WordPress Website Hacks in the First Place

The best thing you can do to prevent WordPress hacks & secure your SEO is to keep your WordPress core, plugins, & theme up-to-date. WordPress makes these updates simple, however running the updates comes with some risk of taking down your website. If you have a valuable website, then you definitely want to invest in pro-active security hardening, which is provided with our Worry-Free WP proven process.

Let us know if you’d like us to run a security scan, free of charge.