Digital Breakthrough Phone Calls vs 1-on-1 Digital Strategy Workshops

What is a Digital Breakthrough Phone Call?

When you’ve got questions about which technology to choose, you are ready for a Digital Breakthrough phone call.

When you need a conversation about best next steps to speed up your website, you are ready for a Digital Breakthrough phone call.

These calls, which are included in your Website Amazing membership, help you break through digital blockers so you can get your business moving forward.

Usually you show up to these calls with specific things you need done.

Things you might ask or discuss in a Digital Breakthrough call include:

  • I have a list of 11 things I need done, and I’d like to discuss with you.
  • Should I use Paypal or Stripe to process payments?
  • What’s up with my contact form?  It’s not working properly.
  • Should I use Wix or WordPress?
  • How much traffic are we getting on our product page?
  • etc.

In a Digital Breakthrough call, you’ll show up with specific questions and specific things you want to achieve.  Usually we leave these calls with a specific to-do list.

We can have this call with anyone at your company.

How Is It Different From 1-on-1 Digital Strategy Breakthrough Workshops?

If you don’t know where to begin, you need a 1-on-1 Digital Strategy Breakthrough Workshop.

These custom, fluid workshops can be in-person, online, or via phone.  Sometimes they happen over lunch.

Digital Strategy Breakthrough Workshops in the past have covered topics as diverse as:

  • How can I increase sales?
  • How can increase the average customer lifetime value of my ad spend?
  • We don’t seem to be getting any traction with our most recent digital marketing efforts, can you help us think through this?
  • Should I build an app for that?
  • How can we increase usage of our app?
  • etc.

1-on-1 Digital Strategy Breakthrough conversations push your business strategy forward and are best held with business leaders at your company.

Some Wins I’ve Helped Business Owners Achieve Through 1-on-1 Digital Strategy Workshops:

  • Fix Sales Process Bottlenecks.
  • Develop Measurable Sales Strategy.
  • Save you thousands of dollars by building measurable advertising campaigns with a clear cost per customer acquisition.
  • Create actionable next steps from mounds of data.
  • Follow-through on Sales & Marketing Efforts.
  • Develop Marketing Strategy (web, digital, email, social media, public relations, etc).
  • Manage Outsourced Teams.
  • Manage Expectations Internally Around Rebranding, Website Launches, App Launches, etc.
  • Build Capacity for Website Development & App Development.
  • Launch New Products.
  • Improve Their Website Performance (i.e. Speed, SEO, etc).
  • Build Capacity for Ongoing Website Support, Maintenance, Feature Builds, Help, Etc.
  • Exhibit Calm in the Face of the Impending Storm.

I hope this helps clarify the difference between these two valuable products.

If you still have questions, call or email.