Our UpdraftPlus WordPress Plugin Configuration

UpdraftPlus is a rather complex WordPress plugin that does one thing really well: It backs up your website to wherever you want (S3, FTP, Backblaze, etc). My only issue with it is that it’s difficult to understand the options. So, for my own benefit and yours, I’m documenting my UpdraftPlus options below.

My UpdraftPlus “Settings” Tab

  • Files backup schedule: Monthly
  • Retain this many scheduled backups: 2
  • And then add an incremental backup: Daily
updraftplus settings 2 1
Our UpdraftPlus WordPress Plugin Configuration 3
  • Database backup schedule: Weekly
  • Retain this many scheduled backups: 4
  • Include in files backup: Plugins, Themes, Uploads
  • Any other file/directory on your server that you wish to backup: wp-config.php
  • Send a report only when there are warnings/errors
  • Delete local backup
updraftplus settings tab
Here’s my entire UpdraftPlus Settings tab (minus the destination stuff)


Why monthly file and weekly database backups?

I utilize UpdraftPlus as a catastrophic backup in case my nightly hosting-produced backup fails (e.g. I’ve had a host just lose my site before – I use my UpdraftPlus backups for this potential contingency…yes it’s overkill, but ya never know…).

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