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We offer a full suite of online business consulting in Minneapolis.

Let us take you on a journey to increase profits, decrease time investment, and make the work of your dreams come true!

Our proven process guarantees that what you put in, you will get out.

Your journey will start with some one-on-one time with one of the Twin Cities’ most respected online business consultants, Toby Cryns.  Together, we will craft a plan of attack that satisfies both your need to run the most effective and profitable business possible as well as one that creates space in your life to achieve other priorities.

Projects Completed Recently:

  • Helped a Minneapolis business leader achieve two-weeks of “unplugged” vacation every year by reshaping her role in her business (while increasing her valuable contributions to the business!).
  • Transitioned a physical retailer to the online space by building an online store, learning community, and iPhone app.
  • Built a sustainable, offshore code-development capability for a small, local web shop.
  • Shifted a mid-sized web development business from project-based to hourly-based billing, decreasing business overhead by 10% and increasing annual profit by 20%!

Testimonials From Our Clients:

“Meeting with Toby was great.  He took the time to understand what drove me and what my motivation was for my site.  He helped relieve a lot of anxiety I had with my lack of experience by helping me simplify my process. – John Miller, My Town Fitness

“My 1-on-1 sessions with Toby have been GREAT every time. His attention to my issues is always focused and undivided. It is never about just going through the motions to solve my problems as quickly as possible. Toby consistently provides more than I’m asking for.  After searching for WordPress expert in the Twin Cities to help me with problems that I run into on my sites, I stopped looking after I met Toby and John at The Mighty Mo. These guys run a very professional business. Every time I meet with Toby, I not only get my issues solved, but I go away with awesome new solutions to things I didn’t even know I needed. The Mighty Mo gets my highest recommendation!” – Mike Kamish, Airbrushed Headbands

Personalized Solutions.  Profitable Results.

Our goal is to help you do the work of your dreams, be that working in your business, on your business, volunteering for a non-profit, attending your children’s sporting events, or working on your next business.  Your business needs to help you get from here to there, and we can help!

Our proven process is highly-personalized to your unique business and personal goals.  We guarantee that if you invest 100% of yourself into our projects, you will achieve results.  Here’s what Paula DeGrand of Getting Things Sewn says:

“A year ago I had a great idea for a blog, Getting Things Sewn (,  that took hold of me and wouldn’t let go. I was looking forward to handling so many of the responsibilities myself – story development and writing, sewing and project management, some photography, modeling, publicity, cultivating a readership. What I knew nothing about was running a website.

So I took a WordPress class that Toby Cryns (of The Mighty Mo!) taught. My classmates seemed to understand, but it quickly became obvious to me that I wouldn’t love or be good at running a website. I would always be struggling just to be competent.

When Toby started offering services to people like me I leapt at the opportunity and have never looked back. With Toby on board I have peace of mind knowing he can handle anything in the technical realm. I also appreciate his encouragement to concentrate on providing great content. It’s been a real confidence-booster.

Getting Things Sewn has gotten off to a strong start that keeps getting stronger. I’m free to be as ambitious as I want, putting my creative energies toward what I do best and leaving the rest to Toby.” – Paula DeGrand,

Let us help you build a business that sustains itself and you!

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