The Mighty Mo! SEO

Is Your SEO Generating Sales?

If you aren’t getting the leads you need to make actual sales, then you need better SEO.

Are you overwhelmed by SEO options?

There’s literally no end to the amount of improvements and tactics you can employ to help your site get noticed.

But there’s also a few best practices that will ensure that your content is in the game and available to anyone looking for the goods and services you offer.

You don’t have to do everything to get noticed online, but you have to do a few things right.

The Mighty Mo! SEO includes all SEO best practices that every small businesses should consider, including: 

  • Listing your business in local directories

  • Competitive analysis reporting

  • Keyword analysis to help you craft more effective website content

  • Report of broken internal and external links (broken links hurt user experience and prevent web crawlers from finding what they’re looking for)

  • Content redundancy reporting to discover pages that are hurting your ranking

  • Page title analysis—Are your titles too long? Too short? Unique? These things matter—at least to Google they do!

  • Meta refresh reporting of any meta data that could be hurting your ranking

  • Site architecture and linking review
  • Weekly rank tracking

  • Social media service & monitoring—Find out what your target market is talking about and join the conversation!

  • PR performance monitoring (web mentions)—A list of weekly web mentions to find your audience and help turn them into customers


Every penny you spend on SEO should help you understand and improve the value of your site. If you have a website that could work harder for businesses, let us show you how.

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