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I met Jeff Pesek a number of years ago and liked him from the start.  At the time, he was getting in people’s faces and shaking up things in the local tech community.  That is the sort of behavior that gets people in trouble and also makes them beloved.  I like people who stand up for what they believe, and Jeff is one of those people – my people.

Now Jeff is one of the elite, a leader in his community, running an awesome website with real advertisers and everything!   And it is good to know that he has not flown so high that he has forgotten about lowly, old me.  As one of his early promoters, I hope he remembers me in 50 years when he is on his way down through the dive-coding circuit of Minneapolis.

For now, I will be satisfied just knowing that he views me as a nerd.

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  1. Jeff Pesek on November 1, 2012 at 4:02 am

    Not sure what you liked about me from the start, but I appreciate the kind words Toby.

    When I moved back and starting going to tech events, you were a warm soul amidst an otherwise cold crowd. Congratulations on your continued success and new family.