Jetpack Now Has a Free Web Application Firewall (WAF)!

A few things to kick this post off:

  1. I utilize Cloudflare‘s free WordPress Web Application Firewall (WAF) wherever possible.
  2. I install WordFence on almost all my sites for their best-in-class WordPress-level WAF (usually running it alongside Cloudflare‘s WAF).
  3. I’ve found the Jetpack WP plugin has lost relevance over the last few years as they’ve tried to commercialize their pretty-good backup service while hosting companies have stepped up to offer a similar service for free. Buuuuut…

Jetpack now has a free WordPress WAF! I haven’t tried it yet, but in general, despite their annoying upsells, and largely-based on their very reliable cloud backup service, I do trust the Jetpack team to deliver solid services. So give it a whirl and let me know what you discover!

jetpack waf
Jetpack Now Has a Free Web Application Firewall (WAF)! 2

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