How to Whitelist SEM Rush and Ahrefs IPs in Cloudflare

How to Whitelist SEM Rush IPs in Cloudflare

We ran into an issue recently where SEM Rush was being blocked by the Cloudflare firewall. Cloudflare is great, but this is a case of a false-positive. Thankfully, the solution is simple:

  1. Get the list of IPs from SEM Rush.
  2. Create a Web Application Firewall ruleset in Cloudflare. Add the IPs to the ruleset.
  3. Save the ruleset.

That’s it! Here’s a quick “how to” video explaining the method of creating an IP Whitelist for SEM Rush:

How to Whitelist Ahrefs IPs in Cloudflare

Earlier today I was receiving the dreaded 401 Forbidden robots.txt error in Ahrefs. Thankfully, the solution was simple.

Similar to the above instructions for SEM Rush, just add the Ahrefs ip ranges to Cloudflare like this:

how to whitelist Ahrefs ip ranges in Cloudflare
How to Whitelist SEM Rush and Ahrefs IPs in Cloudflare 2
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