How to Regenerate WordPress Thumbnails on Amazon S3

You landed here hoping for a solution to regenerate your WordPress thumbnails that are stored on Amazon S3. Maybe you used WP Offload Media Lite, Human Made’s S3 plugin, MediaCloud, or some other S3 offloading plugin. Well, let me save you the hours and headaches: You cannot regenerate WP thumbnails that are stored on S3. However, there is a workaround.

Here’s how you can regenerate WP thumbnail images that are stored on Amazon S3:

  1. Download your WP media library manually from S3.
  2. Upload your WP media library to your server.
  3. Regenerate thumbnails.

A headache? Yes. But the best we can do. To avoid this problem entirely, store your original image files on your server, even if you are using S3 offloading (e.g. let Amazon handle the image download bandwidth). Or perhaps use Backblaze as a cheaper S3 alternative.

Toby Cryns

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