How to migrate from Pressable to Siteground

Migrate away from Pressable using the Migrate Guru plugin

After investing lots of hours using the steps below, I learned there’s a plugin called Migrate Guru that can do the job much more simply! Using Migrate Guru will save you lots of headaches – plus…it’s FREE!

  1. On Siteground, create the website using “existing domain”, install WordPress, and choose the option to not migrate.
  2. Set up the ftp user on Siteground.
  3. Install Migrate Guru, choose the FTP option, and go to town. Your entire site will get migrated to Siteground with a few clicks.
  4. Update dns.


Alternate Steps to migrate from Pressable to Siteground:

  1. Add an “existing” website to Siteground.
    Select “Existing Domain” -> “Start New Website” (because Pressable is not compatible with the Siteground Automatic Migration plugin).
    Select “WordPress” or “WooCommerce”.
  2. Get the full backup from Jetpack.
  3. Export the database from Pressable via phpMyAdmin.
  4. Import the database into Siteground via phpMyAdmin.
  5. Unzip the backup you got from Jetpack. Then zip up the “uploads”, “plugins”, and “themes” folders for uploading.
  6. Upload the zipped “uploads”, “plugins”, and “themes” folders to Siteground using either FTP or the “File Manager” in the Siteground dashboard. Then unzip in the appropriate places on your Siteground server.
  7. Open wp-config.php on Siteground and change the table prefix to your old prefix, if needed.
  8. Update DNS to point to Siteground.
  9. After you confirm DNS is propagated to the Siteground IP, Add SSL Certificate on Siteground.

That’s it!

ALTERNATE METHOD of Migrating from Pressable to Siteground: Using Migrate Guru WP Plugin

Step 1:

NOTE: For the path field, type: /

Step 2:

  1. Create a new “temporary” site on Siteground. Copy the FTP info from the temporary Siteground site (we’ll use this ftp info in Migrate Guru WP Plugin).
  2. Once you have the FTP details in hand, update the main domain in Siteground from the temporary domain to the live domain url. (e.g. We only needed to set up the temporary domain to grab the ftp info.)
  3. Install the free Migrate Guru WP Plugin on the live site on Pressable and run the migration using the “FTP” option and entering the Siteground FTP info.
  4. Once the migration is complete, update the nameservers to point to Siteground.
  5. Go to Siteground and add the Let’sEncrypt SSL Certificate.
  6. Once the SSL certificate is rocking, then turn on the “Force HTTPS” setting in Siteground and in your WordPress site’s SG Cachepress options.

How to Speed Up Your Siteground Site

  1. Turn on Memcache both on the Siteground dashboard and within the SG Cachepress settings on your WP site.
  2. Minify html and css in “Frontend” settings within the SG Cachepress plugin.
  3. Turn on “WordPress Heartbeat Optimization” within the SG Cachepress plugin settings.
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