How to Import PodPress Audio URLs

I ran into a real bugger of a problem tonight when attempting to import a WordPress site using the Importer plugin. The problem arose, because the importer does not get all of the data out of the “wp_postmeta” table. In fact, it misses or messes up the audio urls that PodPress uses.

The solution I found was the following:

  1. MAKE A BACKUP OF BOTH YOUR OLD SITE’S AND NEW SITE’S DATABASES!!! (Following the steps below can seriously and permanently mess up your site. Call a WordPress pro if this message scares you. Seriously.)
  2. Go into the old site’s phpMyAdmin and export the “wp_postmeta” and “wp_posts” tables.
  3. Go into the new site’s phpMyAdmin and import the “wp_postmeta” and “wp_posts” tables that you just saved in step 1 above. (Note: If your target installation uses the same “wp_” prefix, then you will need to change the title of the tables before importing them.)
  4. In the new site’s phpMyAdmin, run the following query:

    INTO wp_posts
    SELECT *
    FROM wp_ww_posts

  5. That did it for me. How about you?

    (Thanks, FCW and NTM!)

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