How to Download a Website from Wayback Machine

Today I ran into an issue where a bunch of website files were deleted off the server, and I was called upon to restore the old files. After first pursuing other options (e.g. backups), I landed on Wayback Machine as the next best choice. Thankfully, there’s a handy command line tool for downloading any site on Wayback Machine – it’s called Wayback Machine Downloader and is available for free via Github.


  1. Install the gem via the command line.
  2. Run a command such as:

That’s it!

If you’d like to download a specific date’s backup, then use a line such as:

wayback_machine_downloader -t 20200513200704

where “20200513200704” is the slug in the url from the Wayback Machine page. For example, for a url such as “” copy-and-paste “20200513200704”.

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