How I created a Local SEO-Driven WordPress website in 1 hour

This morning, I got curious about the competitiveness of a specific keyword in the Google Map (a.k.a. “Local SEO”). The Google map is this strange beast that I am particularly-curious about, because almost 100% of my customers live within a 10-mile bike ride of my house…and I’d like to have more customers so…

How I created a Local SEO-Driven WordPress website in 1 hour
The actual website I created in 1 hour

The keyword topic I’m curious about is about fixing hacked WordPress sites – something I particularly enjoy doing (seriously!) – What can I say, except I’m good at fixing broken sites, I like fixing broken sites, and I’d like to do more of it.

Anyway, the entire process of creating a site from domain purchase to launch took me about an hour-and-a-half, with the first half hour being domain research. I captured the last hour on a screencast here for your viewing pleasure. It’s not intended to be a “how to”, but it could certainly be used that way. It’s my actual process for building a quick SEO-centric marketing site.

Some notes on how I might improve the website launch process for next time:

  • If I had pre-written content, I could have launched 5 or more pages in the same amount of time.
  • It’d be worth doing some actual SEO research…I just used gut feeling and curiosity – a solid way to run a business but not a great way to approach SEO.

Here’s the video walkthrough about how I created a new SEO-friendly marketing website in WordPress in about an hour’s time:

Let me know if you have ideas for improvement,


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