What to Expect When Transferring Your Website to Our Platinum WordPress Hosting

  1. Clear communication of timelines and what to expect.
  2. Zero downtime of website and email.*

Why Your Website and Email Should Never Go Down During a Hosting Transfer

With our proven process for migrating websites to our WordPress Platinum Hosting infrastructure, your email and website will remain up 100% of the time.* Yet, we regularly hear of website transfer horror stories where their email and website go down for days at a time. If this happened to you, know that you are not alone, it is not your fault, and that it was completely-preventable. If your website or email goes down during a hosting transfer, it is likely due to some combination of poor planning, poor execution, and lack of experience on the web team’s part.

We’ve used our website migration Proven Process hundreds of times over the years and have experienced zero downtime on our customers’ websites and emails.*

Our Website Migration Proven Process

  1. Before migrating, document all the dns records on the domain and gather login info for domain registrars and dns providers. Put a content freeze on the live site.
  2. Migrate the live site to the new host and test all website functionality. NOTE: We utilize some fancy tricks to mimic a real website visitor.
  3. Update the dns A records to point to the new host.

We launched a website last year that was getting millions of visitors a month – with zero downtime – using the simple Proven Process documented above. While it truly is simple, a deep understanding of dns and WordPress along with clear documentation on each step of the process (which we provide to our customers prior to completing the migration) is immensely helpful as well.

Bottom line: If anyone tells you to “expect downtime” during a migration, it’d be worth asking for more clarity on “Why?”.

*There are rare edge-cases where downtime might occur, but that is almost always due to your company’s internet firewall and router settings. In those cases, we’ll work closely with you and your IT team to resolve the issues quickly.

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