How We’re Using Gravity Forms and Zapier to Automate Customer Off-boarding

When a customer leaves us, we like to set them (and us) up for future success. For example, when a customer leaves us I fill out a single form that automates many of the tasks noted below:

  1. We add a note and update their tags in our CRM. [AUTOMATED BY ZAPIER]
  2. We mail them a postcard via Handwrytten with a $5 Starbucks gift card (a little special “goodbye” from us). [AUTOMATED BY ZAPIER]
  3. We send them an email notifying them that the service has stopped. [AUTOMATED BY GRAVITY FORMS]
  4. We send our Slack channel a notification letting our internal team know that the customer has left us. [AUTOMATED BY GRAVITY FORMS]
  5. We update their Mailchimp lists/tags/etc. [COULD BE AUTOMATED BY GRAVITY FORMS]
  6. We update our “current customers and their services” Google spreadsheets. (one for admin and one for our support team) [COULD BE AUTOMATED BY GRAVITY FORMS]
  7. If requested, we’ll zip up their WordPress site and share with them. [COULD BE AUTOMATED BY GRAVITY FORMS]
  8. We delete recurring invoices in our payment system(s).
  9. We disconnect Jetpack, VaultPress, Gravity Forms, etc. if they are using our connections to those services.
  10. We delete their account from our hosting servers (if applicable).

In summary, 7 of 10 customer off-boarding steps could be automated, which is pretty cool. We only do 4 of those, because I’m a cheapskate and don’t want to pay the $20/mo for the fancy version of Zapier. 🙂

Toby Cryns

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