The Simplest Google Adwords Tutorial Ever

What’s the First Thing a Digital Marketer Should Do?

If you are a total newbie to digital marketing, then start here:

Buy Google Adwords.

What you want to do in marketing is fail quickly, learn from those failures, and then fail again.  At some point, if you do this fast and cheap, you’ll stumble on a winning formula. Winning Formula = (cost to acquire lead & close deal < your cost to deliver product) Google Adwords is the quickest & cheapeast way to gain actionable information about your marketing strategy.

The Simplest Google Adwords Tutorial Ever:

  1. Find 5 keywords for your product to try using a free keyword research tool.  Don’t overthink it.
  2. Create a quick landing page on your website for each keyword. Don’t over-think it.  Invest no more than 15 minutes on each landing page.  Make sure there’s a call to action on the landing page such as, “Call 555-555-5555 to learn more.” or “Email [email protected] to learn more.”  Our goal at this point is to determine if the keywords are correct – not to create an awesome landing page that converts (that’ll come later).
  3. Create a campaign on Adwords (see “how to use Adwords” tutorial video below).  If this is too difficult right now, just use Adwords Express.
  4. Launch your campaign, and give it some time to run.  If any keywords produce clicks for you AND it seems like the keyword is the correct one, then go back to step #1 above, and create a new campaign around that keyword, trying variations of the keyword/phrase/wording.

Keep At It, and You’ll Get There!

Digital marketing is hard work, because it’s human work. Make note of this single thing that kills almost every small business’ marketing campaign, keep at it, and you’ll get those sales!  

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