GNU-GPL Court Decision Pushes Debate to WordPress’ Favor

A decision in an French court ruled in favor of stricter protections for GNU-GPL license-holders (a.k.a. the People).   While not definitive in any sense of the word, this is good news for WordPress, which has long maintained that its source code and software built on its source code be kept open and accessible.

There has been considerable debate recently over the merits of GPL licensing of WordPress themes, and WordPress’ founder, Matt Mullenweg, has weighed in with total support for WordPress’ GPL license.

Personally, I believe that the GNU-GPL license changes the business of website design.  It puts the keys to the kingdom in the hands of innovators and outside of the hands of information-hoarders.  Back in the pre-Wordpress days (with some notable exceptions), those of us who could build a custom content management system were in the drivers’ seat.  Today, those of us who can innovate on existing open-source CMS’s like WordPress are doing the bulk of the interesting work online.

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